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Rocket League
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Rocket League Monstercat 10th Anniversary: Release date, cost, contents and more

The record label and long-time partner is celebrating their first ten years in style!
Rocket League’s music has plagued the internet over the course of its existence; relating certain tunes to memes or events, it’s hard not to love the soundtrack.

And Monstercat, long-time partner and music label who has taken our favourite car-soccer title under their wing, is ready to show us another memorable set.

Introducing big names like Marshmello and Slushii plus adding fan-favourites like All I Need and Crab Rave, this anniversary party is one play press away from starting.

From cost, contents to the dates you’ll see it unfold, here’s everything you need to know about the Monstercat Fan Pack in Rocket League.

Rocket League Monstercat 10th Anniversary Fan Pack duration

The Rocket League Monstercat 10th Anniversary Fan Pack will be available starting from 5th July 2021. No end date has been revealed.

Rocket League Monstercat 10th Anniversary Fan Pack contents

The Rocket League Monstercat 10th Anniversary Fan Pack contains nine player anthems and one player title. Here’s the full list of contents:

Player Anthems

  • We Won't Be Alone - Feint (ft. Laura Brehm)
  • Are We Still Young - Grant (ft. Juneau)
  • Alone - Marshmello  
  • Crab Rave - Noisestorm 
  • Potions - SLANDER & Said The Sky (ft. JT Roach)
  • All I Need - Slushii 
  • Stronger  - Stonebank (ft. EMEL)
  • Everything Black - Unlike Pluto (ft. Mike Taylor)
  • Nevada - Vicetone (ft. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)


  • "Monstercat OG"

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Rocket League Monstercat 10th Anniversary Fan Pack cost 

The Rocket League Monstercat 10th Anniversary Fan Pack will set you back 1,000 in-game credits or around $9.99.

Rocket League Monstercat 10th Anniversary free item

If the bundle caught you empty-handed, don’t worry as you can still cop a Pegboard Nerds’ Disconnected player anthem and the Monstercat 10 YR player banner completely for free!

Make sure to not miss this bundle and to use your favourite content creator’s Epic Code in the process.

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