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Rocket League decals we need in the Esports Shop for RLCS 11

The Esports Shop is widely disregarded, so here are some ideas that might stir the pot for when the next professional season starts.
Rocket League decals we need in the Esports Shop for RLCS 11

How can you not love Rocket League? A free-to-play game with no pay-to-win mechanics, making their buck out of merely aesthetic microtransactions and an ever-growing professional scene.

It’s important to move the esport forward and to do so, Psyonix needs to keep attracting new orgs or making the orgs that are already in your circuit stay for longer and longer periods.

The latter can be easily done by creating a loyalty and pressure system and what better way to do than to have fans become so attached to a specific brand with slick decals that the game and org get paid for plus guarantee longevity for both the esport and brand.

So after our evil plan has been revealed and without further ado, here are some of our top picks when it comes to adding Rocket League decals to the Esports shop.

Rocket League Esports decals for RLCS 11

1. Top Blokes

Since the Top Blokes rebranded and started their own org, we were teased with jerseys and decals of the hat-and-moustached fella yet to be named.

new decal esports shop rocket league rlcsCoach RamS showing off the “Top Blokes Esports” decals. (Picture: Psyonix)

You can’t go wrong with the black-and-white look as both colours are hot commodities in the trading communities. Add a little wordmark and logo on the hood of the Octane and you are ready to go.

This one seems to be a no-brainer especially noticing their humongous growth during the RLCS Season X, so much so that led investors to back the team without plastering sponsors or renaming the now well-known Top Blokes brand.

2. Rogue (2021)

Rogue has had its set of items in the Esports Shop for quite some time now. Thing is, the items are outdated.

Ever since their January 2021 rebrand, the blonde bandit is no more and even the wordmark was altered. 

new decal esports shop rocket league rlcs(Picture: Psyonix)

If Psyonix is planning to restructure the teams included in the shop, it would be safe to assume Rogue is staying and getting their rebrand added to the game after their recent success.

3. Kansas City Pioneers

The Kansas City Pioneers had a small leave of absence after being poached by Shopify Rebellion of their world-class roster.

Since then, the Missouri-based organisation came back picking up the Continuum roster, which includes Cameron “Kronovi” Bills, former World Champion and The Mountain.

new decal esports shop rocket league rlcs(Picture: Psyonix)

If that isn’t meeting the requirements to give the man, the myth, the legend (and the org) their rightful decal, I don’t know what is.

Especially considering the sick work the community has created for the black and gold brand.

4. FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan is one of the biggest esports organisations in the entire world and it would be Psyonix’s biggest bust not to aim for the distribution rights and give the squad their decals before their RLEsports tenure comes to a close.

Imagine the influx of FaZe fans all over the world opening their wallets, setting themselves back a couple of bucks or quids just to play 10 to 30 games with it and forget the game or the fact they have it in their inventory.

new decal esports shop rocket league rlcs(Picture: Psyonix)

Quick money grab plus it might be the sickest design in the entire shop if done correctly, at least the mock-ups make it out to be.

5. Team Queso

Definitely on the rise, Team Queso was getting the bread this RLCS Season X making a weird esports platter of sorts.

The former Regional Champions need to get the respect they’ve earned by immortalizing the brand in the esports shop. It would be an instantaneous cop and a huge pull for the ever-growing Spanish audience.

new decal esports shop rocket league rlcs(Picture: Reddit)

Good designs + growing the community + big money? Psyonix is heavily interested in any answers that involve that equation. Put some respeck on the cheese.

6. SK Gaming

The Aether boys have surprised more than enough people only during the Spring Split of the RLCS Season X.

Bringing home the bacon multiple times and in less than four appearances, coming in clutch with the organisation signing. Talk about speed.

new decal esports shop rocket league rlcs(Picture: Twitter)

SK Gaming made their triumphant return to Rocket League Esports after a six-year hiatus and there’s no better way to strengthen the relationship than to give them their sick decal.

Besides some German representation in the item shop never hurt nobody, right?

7. BS+ Competition

Speaking of which, the BS+ Competition org and roster have taken the European region by storm as the Zebras soared into the scene back in April 2021.

new decal esports shop rocket league rlcs(Picture: Psyonix)

Since then, the former Godsmilla’s Team squad has been repping the striped look in promotional videos and posters and we just can’t get enough of it.

 The colours, the patterns, the adaptability -- honestly we can’t pinpoint how much they would be selling but I can guarantee there’d be one purchase because I’d cop in a second. Everything white in-game sells like hotcakes, anyways.

8. The General NRG

Last and definitely not least, the NRG boys got their name changed after selling the rights to The General Insurance and whilst no RLCS broadcast has featured the full official name as of yet, the green is too different to ignore.

new decal esports shop rocket league rlcs(Picture: NRG)

The change from hard-hitting black and white champion jerseys to forest green and white definitely surprised their fanbase, but every rebrand is a chance to capitalize.

Retire the black and white NRG decals that are currently in the item shop at the time of writing and come out with these green-covered monstrosities and see how North America goes nuts on the web.

Between die-hard fans and obsessive collectors, the greeNRG decals are definitely a must for the next RLCS season.


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