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Rocket League Season 3 tournament rewards: New items, how they work, all rarities and more

The race-themed season is getting some nifty upgrades to the Tournament rewards and here’s everything you need to know!
Rocket League Season 3 tournament rewards: New items, how they work, all rarities and more

Three seasons in the free-to-play Rocket League era and Psyonix is yet to miss. The Season 3 tournament rewards are the third instalment of the series of items you can redeem after your championship performance.

Rocket League introduced scheduled tournaments back in Season 1 and has reinvented the pool of possibilities every season, with this one having the most loaded and cool-looking set of items so far.

After each tournament played, the game will determine the amount of Tournament Tokens you will receive depending on the tournament rank, your placement and if your performance is top three worthy from your week.

These tokens can later be redeemed for crates, called Tournament Cups, with different drop ratios, rarities and costs.

rocket league tournament rewardsThese are all four cups available in Rocket League found in the Rewards Tournament tab (Picture: Epic Games)

Whilst the process of playing is fun, there’s nothing better than reaping your untradeable rewards earned with your own blood, sweat and tears, so here is the full list of Tournament items available throughout Rocket League Season 3.

Rocket League Season 3 Tournament Rewards

The Rocket League Season 3 Tournament Rewards items and rarities goes as follows:

  • Moon Uncommon antenna
  • Dominus: King Acheron Uncommon decal
  • Radioactive Uncommon player banner
  • Octane: Edgewise Uncommon decal
  • Merc: Yaojing Uncommon decal
  • Time For Noise Rare player anthem
  • Croc Wood Rare player banner
  • Neontech Rare avatar border
  • Wicked Slick Very Rare player anthem
  • Yoked-1K Very Rare wheels
  • Grievance Very Rare wheels
  • Shark Attack Very Rare trail
  • Phosphor Import rocket boost
  • Yoked-1K Obverse Import wheels
  • Grievance: Inverted Import wheels
  • ChainHelm Import wheels
  • Chromatic Hollow Exotic goal explosion
  • ChainHelm: Sacred Exotic wheels
  • Discoid Black Market animated decal
  • Atomic Blip Black Market goal explosion

While the items are untradeable amongst players, you can trade in five items of any rarity (except Black Market) to get one item of the next rarity so you don't get stuck with unwanted low tiers.

Of course, the cream of the crop belongs at the top of the list, but we can safely say this is one of, if not the most gorgeous looking Tournament Rewards list since its inception.

rocket league season 3 tournament rewardsMerc: Yaojing decal, one of the many rewards Season 3 brings into Tournaments (Picture: Epic Games)

With great additions to any inventory starting all the way down from Rare and exceptionally well-designed wheels, explosions and trails (trails, who would’ve known?), this Tournament Rewards is a great way to kick off another competitive circuit.

Make sure to register for as many scheduled tournaments throughout Rocket League Season 3 so you don’t miss the time-restricted rewards. Although, with a little bit of luck, you might find them drop with the Trade-In update that just hit the servers.