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Rocket League
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Rocket League Season 4 Competitive Rewards: What are they, how to claim, more

Here’s everything you need to know about the Rocket League Season 4 Competitive rewards including what they are and how to make them a part of your inventory.
Every season of Rocket League means new rewards are available for players to unlock, offering more ways to create a unique gameplay experience. Of course, there are competitive rewards as well, which unlock after certain in-game tasks are completed.

Rocket League competitive rewards are free for players of all experience levels to unlock as they don't require any currency. The rewards refresh at the start of every new season, so they're available for unlocking on a time-limited basis.

Here's everything you need to know about the Rocket League Season 4 Competitive rewards including what they are and how to unlock them.

Rocket League Season 4 Competitive Rewards
Competitive rewards are available to unlock for free in Rocket League Season 4. (Picture: Psyonix)

What are Rocket League Competitive Rewards?

Rocket League Season Competitive rewards are free items awarded to Rocket League players at the conclusion of each season. The items awarded will depend on the player's rankings throughout that season.

Each player will receive rewards equal to their highest rank level unlocked that season. Rank reward levels are unlocked after winning 10 matches in that respective rank.

Progress is available to track throughout the season to keep track of rank levels.

How to unlock Rocket League Competitive Rewards

The Rocket League Season rewards operate via a 10-win system. Each time you win 10 games you will earn the rewards for that respective rank and progress to the next level.

This chart provided by Psyonix Support explains how to unlock each Reward Level:


10 wins at Bronze Rank or higher


10 additional wins at Silver Rank or higher


10 additional wins at Gold Rank or higher


10 additional wins at Platinum Rank or higher


10 additional wins at Diamond Rank or higher


10 additional wins at Champion Rank or higher

Grand Champion

10 additional wins at Grand Champion Rank

Supersonic Legend

10 additional wins at Supersonic Legend Rank

Rocket League Season 4 Competitive Rewards

  • Bronze I or higher: Bronze Wheels
  • Silver I or higher: Silver Wheels & lower Wheels
  • Gold I or higher: Gold Wheels & lower Wheels
  • Platinum I or higher: Platinum Wheels & lower Wheels
  • Diamond I or higher: Diamond Wheels & lower Wheels
  • Champion I or higher: Champion Wheels & lower Wheels
  • Grand Champion I: Grand Champion Wheels & lower Wheels
  • Supersonic Legend: Supersonic Legend Wheels & lower Wheels

Season 4 Grand Champion Title Rewards

  • Competitive Grand Champion: "S4 GRAND CHAMPION" in Crimson text
  • Rumble Grand Champion: "S4 RNG CHAMP" in Crimson text
  • Hoops Grand Champion: "S4 DUNK MASTER" in Crimson text
  • Snow Day Grand Champion: "S4 BLIZZARD WIZARD" in Crimson text
  • Dropshot Grand Champion: "S4 FLOOR DESTROYER" in Crimson text

Season 4 Supersonic Legend Title Rewards

  • Competitive Supersonic Legend: "S4 SUPERSONIC LEGEND" in Titanium White text
  • Rumble Supersonic Legend: "S4 RNGENIUS" in Titanium White text
  • Hoops Supersonic Legend: "S4 LEGENDARY BALLER" in Titanium White text
  • Snow Day Supersonic Legend: "S4 ICE TITAN" in Titanium White text
  • Dropshot Supersonic Legend: "S4 TILE ANNIHILATOR" in Titanium White text

Rocket League Season 4 ends on Wednesday, 17th November, upon which Season 5 will begin and the Season 4 Competitive rewards will be deposited into players' accounts.

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Featured image courtesy of Psyonix.