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Rocket League
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Rocket League Sideswipe: Release date, alpha/beta, price and more

The standalone arcade-style title announcement has Rocket League fans in a craze and here's everything we know so far.

Rocket League has just broken the internet -- or at least their fanbase's brains.

After going free-to-play with the help of Epic Games, Psyonix has announced the Rocket League Sideswipe mobile game.

The game we’ve all known to love (and hate at times) is going mobile and we are experiencing all the emotions.

Of course, the announcement left us with more questions than answers, but every answer out there, you will find in here.

So, without further ado, here’s everything we know about Psyonix’s mobile game, Rocket League Sideswipe.

rocket league sideswipe aerial(Picture: Psyonix)

Rocket League Sideswipe release date

While it still needs to go through alpha and beta testing, Rocket League Sideswipe will be officially released worldwide sometime in 2021.

Rocket League Sideswipe platforms

The mobile game Rocket League Sideswipe will be available on iOS and Android in the App Store or Google Play Store respectively.

Rocket League Sideswipe price

Just like its console predecessor, Rocket League Sideswipe will be completely free-to-play.

Rocket League Sideswipe alpha phase date

Per Psyonix, players in Australia and New Zealand will be able to join a limited-time Rocket League Sideswipe Regional Alpha test on Android via the Google Play Store starting 24th March.

rocket league sideswipe garage(Picture: Psyonix)

Rocket League Sideswipe beta phase date

While there is yet any official Rocket League Sideswipe Beta testing dates in place, Psyonix plans to schedule them in the coming months for additional regions.

While we sit patiently for more information from Psyonix themselves, stay assured we will update you as more content is revealed.