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Rocket League team drops player, drops coach, then resigns same player - all in four hours

All three moves were announced by Stromboli on Twitter just hours apart and the community does not know how to deal with the roster changes.

In a matter of hours, American Rocket League player Sukhpartik “Kinseh” Kahlon was teamless -- and then he wasn’t -- and now Stromboli is coachless.

Stromboli, an independent Rocket League Championship Series team, announced on 12th April that third-man Kinseh was leaving the team due to “unfortunate conflict”.

“We feel it's in the team's best interest to part ways with Kinseh. We've loved our time with him while it's lasted and wish him the best on his future teams”, the now-deleted tweet read as the squad said goodbye to the former Pittsburgh Knights player.

Then, only four hours later, Stromboli tweeted out another update welcoming Kinseh back, stating they’re “excited” to see what they can do and declaring that the team is “looking for a new coach.”

Wesley "Kairos" Silva had just joined Stromboli in early April looking to coach and replace former World Champion and Rocket League veteran Marius "gReazymeister" Ranheim.

This announcement, in effect, meant that Kairos had stepped down from his coaching duties and it is believed it was due to inconsolable differences with the rest of the team.

The former Barcelona FC coach chimed in trying to clear the air around the confusing transactions, stating that Kinseh’s teammates reached out to him and explained how he “used to skip scrims to play other games, forfeit out of tournaments” and was expressing a feeling of being demotivated as of late.

Kairos did not hesitate in taking shots at Stromboli’s business decisions, either. “I thought my expectations were made clear when I left Barca”, he stated, referring to his departure from the European team.

“I chose to leave because I can’t enact the change this team needs. Thanks Barca, but I’m here to win worlds and you can’t do that without a competent management”, Kairos stated back in March of this year as he parted ways with the org.

It seems that the dropping of Kinseh, the resignation of Kairos and the return of Kinseh were all due to a coaching decision that was accommodated at first, then retracted due to rumours of Jason "Xpurt" Nwokedi and Zachary "Dino" Moffatt picking up Kinseh as his new third-man.

The whole fiasco shook the Rocket League community and whilst Stromboli isn’t exactly a household name, high-profile personalities in the scene took to Twitter reacting to the bizarre roster changes.

From YouTube’s Jared “SunlessKhan” Zook to FaZe Clan’s very own Austin "AYYJAYY" Aebi, all witnesses’ jaws dropped reading the second announcement and were left with more questions than answers.

Stromboli’s last RLCS X performance was during the second North American Spring regional where they placed top 12 and walked away with $2,000 in prize money and will attempt to reach the third and final regional event through closed qualifiers on 18th April.


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