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Rocket League
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Rocket League: Think fast and make no mistake in the new Heatseeker mode

Developer Psyonix is adding a new temporary mode into Rocket League.
Rocket League is an insanely fun and thrilling game, but we can always enjoy some more excitement and more chaos.

And that's exactly what we are getting with the new mode called Heatseeker.

Heatseeker is coming to the game in a week from now, on April 16, and it will be there for four days, since it ends on April 20.

In this 3v3 mode, the ball will automatically seek the opposing net once it's hit. But the catch is, if you miss the goal and the ball hits the backboard, it will fire back straight toward your goal! And to make things even more intense, each time the player touches the ball, the ball will become faster. This madness of a mode ends when the first team score seven goals.

And if you like some free rewards, there's that, too! Login into Rocket League during the time while Heatseeker is live, and you will get the Hypnoteks Player Banner.

If you are grinding experience towards Rocket Pass 6 Tiers, you should know that matches played in Heatseeker will grant the same amount of XP as Casual, Competitive, or Extra Mode.