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Rocket League
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Rocket League x Among Us is reality as Lethamyr pulls off another crazy map

Lethamyr and his team created an Among Us map and game mode from the ground up, soon to be downloadable for Rocket League.

Treyven "Lethamyr" Robitaille premiered Among Us in Rocket League on his YouTube channel early 14th December. Lethamyr, with the help of three other people, built the custom map from the ground up with fully functioning tasks, sabotages, murders and more. It reportedly took 1200+ hours to bring the map to life.

For this Rocket League x Among Us crossover, Lethamyr hired a team to bring the dream to reality. The team was comprised of Gidek, Cinderblock and Corina, all of who have worked with Lethamyr on previous and upcoming Rocket League custom maps.

In the video, the map is showcased with eight players in three rounds, with one or two impostors as options. RLCS professional casters Adam "Lawler" Thornton and James "Jamesbot" Villar are two of the players premiering the custom map, as we get a glimpse at some of the available tasks like swipe card, fix wiring and more from every player’s perspective.

rocket league among us map layoutHere we can see the map layout for Rocket League x Among Us (Picture: Lethamyr)

Lethamyr is a former professional Rocket League player who played for Ghost Gaming. He recently tried to qualify for the revamped RLCS X alongside Wyatt “Musty” and Carson "Forky" Howard with a new team, The Mustyteers. 

Lethamyr is also a renowned Rocket League content creator, especially for his custom maps that he codes, textures and models himself. He had his flag added Rocket League alongside SunlessKhan, amustycow and JonSandman.

The video finishes with final comments from Lethamyr, mentioning there is “a couple of bugs to work out before the official release” and that we should expect to see the downloadable map on his website, lethamyr.com, before the end of the year.

We will keep you updated with a guide on how to install and run custom maps in Rocket League once Lethamyr and company’s amazing Among Us creation hits the interwebs for download.