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Rocket League
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Rocketeer impersonates RLCS World Champ with alleged hacked account

A recent catfish incident has arisen involving an RLCS veteran and former World Champion -- the thing is, it looks as legit as it can be.
Rocket League player titles aren’t only a badge to show off your rank or a punny punchline but also the closest thing to a verified checkmark as far as in-game items.

Just like Alpha rewards, some player titles’ rarities are so high that rocking a yellow-glow, white-glow and especially a blue-glow line of text underneath your alias and you’re set to make quite the impression in every lobby.

This is why GUILD’s very own David "Deevo" Morrow raised his concerns through his Twitter account when it was brought to his attention that he was being impersonated in-game thanks to a player title glitch.

The glitch was first found last year and raised to Psyonix authorities through Reddit. The RLCS Season 3 World Champion tag plus a GUILD profile pic and a modified alias make this catfish as convincing as possible, so the real Deevo took to Twitter in a heartbeat.

“Somebody is impersonating me and even has the S3 world champ title as well, this isn't me”, the 21-year-old said.

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Twitter user @gcindisguise ran the faux-Deevo account’s SteamID to check past aliases, confirming it belonged to Masterio who allegedly hacked the game for RLCS-exclusive player titles. (Picture: SteamID)

Using the SteamID website and the impersonators Steam ID, users have been able to track down past aliases from the catfish account concluding that it once belonged to former professional player and coach Ben "Masterio" Cook, a retired rocketeer who allegedly had access to the glitch and sold the account off online.

Masterio posted a tweet back in December of 2017 with a screenshot containing an RLCS Season 2 Grand Finalist, an RLCS Season 3 World Champion and an RLCS Season 4 Contender player title even though he participated in none of all 10 Rocket League Championship Series seasons.

Whilst the Contender title is harmless in the big scheme of things, tilting at most, the same can’t be said about the Grand Finalist and World Champion ones as the user could impersonate anyone from that 2016 Mock-It eSports runner-up roster or 2017 Northern Gaming championship-winning squad -- including the four-time Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver.

No official statement has been made by Psyonix or Epic Games at the time of writing. Follow us at @33Boost on Twitter where we’ll keep you updated as the situation develops.