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Sergio Agüero's KRÜ Esports tease Rocket League entry

The org dropped a tweet that can really only point to a move into Rocket League.
Sergio Agüero's KRÜ Esports tease Rocket League entry

Footballer (soccer for our American friends) backed esport organisations are cropping up everywhere but none have made as big a splash - with the exception of David Beckham's Guild Esports - as KRÜ Esports owned by Man City legend, Sergio Agüero.

And while Guild Esports may be in more people's mouths (and that may only be English-speaking mouths at that), there is something special about Agüero's organisation and it can perhaps be put down to the fact that Agüero is such a public lover of video games, regularly pulling in tens of thousands of viewers on Twitch playing anything from League of Legends to Among Us.

KRU Esports Rocket League
Agüero is a regular, and very popular, Twitch streamer. (Picture: Twitch/Aguero)

KRÜ Esports, founded in 2020, is also not some slap-a-name-on outfit but instead a serious and professional organisation that field seriously good teams - their most notable being their pre-dominantly Argentinian Valorant roster which represented Latin America at Master's Reykjavik. 

The team also field players in FIFA 21, which seems a given considering their owner, however any fan of esports knows that when it comes to bringing esports and traditional sports together there is really only one game in town - and that is Rocket League and if a tweet from the organisation's official account is to be believed, KRÜ's entry into the game is imminent.

The tweet was simple enough, two emojis: "(football) + (car)?"

The implication is obvious and also no surprise when KRÜ announced themselves on the scene their promotional video featured Agüero, FIFA 21, League of Legends and Rocket League - among others - so their entry has always felt like a matter of when not if.

Who they might sign, or where they might sign them is much more debatable. KRÜ Esports has - so far - operated teams and players in South America, though that same promotional video mentioned before highlighted that the organisation has bases in South America, North America and Europe. Rocket League's most prestigious regions are the latter two, though there is a sizeable player base, and esport scene, in SA and Oceania with both regions having pathways to the biggest competition in the esport - the Rocket League World Championship.

Who KRÜ pick up is really anyone's guess, Rocket League Championship Season X finished up last week (without a World Championship owing to the pandemic) and all teams and players are currently looking towards to Intel World Open, an event where teams compete for their countries and which is running alongside the 2021 Toyko Olympics.

RLCS 11 is set to start in August.