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Rocket League
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SunlessKhan spoofs Rocket League Esports with ‘RLBS’ broadcast

The car soccer YouTuber put on a show on his Twitch channel as a 45-minute parody stream awed the scene’s avid followers.
Rocket League YouTuber Jared “SunlessKhan” Zook has taken car soccer content creation to a whole new level -- yet again.

As first teased on 29th August and advertised in the days that followed, Sunless had his followers on their toes as rocketeers have awaited for any life signals from organisers Psyonix, only to be trolled by the Ohio-native.

“I’m making RLCS” and “I’m broadcasting my own RLCS” were the tweets that caught his audience’s attention as the “months in the making” concept made its debut on SunlessKhan’s official Twitch channel on 2nd September at 4 PM EST.

Welcome to the RLBS! Whether BS stands for “bullsh*t” or “bullsh*t series”, rest assured Sunless didn’t shy away from the joke as the logo mocked the original Championship Series look and feel plus, you know, BS.

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The trio that debuted together back in April 2021 is officially representing G2 in RLCS 11. (Picture: Twitch/SunlessKhan)

The RLBS had cameos from RLCS personalities host Alex "Axeltoss" Rodriguez and the most popular European casting duo John "Johnnyboi_i" MacDonald and Callum "Shogun" Keir to spice up the games.

The event held three matches in the span of 45 minutes: the new Team Dignitas against a Team of Bronzes (a game that naturally wrapped up with a 34-0 scoreboard), a ranked game in the platinum ranked from a random SunlessKhan fan and, the main event of the evening, NRPee vs. Big Spaceship Gaming -- parodies of NRG and Spacestation respectively.

By the looks of it, though, the third match featuring spoof names for all six members of both NRG and SSG did not have any of the real Rocket League pros hit the pitch as the gameplay looked as if the Team of Bronzes squad multiplied and reprised their performance from earlier that stream.

The broadcast did not stop there and doubled down on mocking the Rocket League professional scene, making fun of huge corporations making off-brand moves into the esport with a Walmart org, poking at the fleeting nature of big organisations with “Random Org with no fans probably disbanding soon” and even an Oscar Meyer and Chuck E. Cheese prize pool for the main event winners.

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The RLBS standings during their first-ever Twitch stream. (Picture: Twitch/SunlessKhan)

This event, if anything, only fueled fans into missing and demanding more Rocket League Championship Series as an official announcement, start date and details for RLCS Season 11 seem to be delayed without much communication from organisers Psyonix.

SunlessKhan promises an edited version of the stream on his YouTube soon enough. In the meantime, you can enjoy the full RLBS show as the VOD is live on his Twitch channel right now.


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