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Rocket League
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Team Envy defeats SSG to win third consecutive NA Regional

Spacestation Gaming forced a bracket reset but fell short as they were swept in the next series by Team Envy.

Team Envy swept Spacestation Gaming to win RLCS X NA Winter Regional #2, their third consecutive Regional Championship. SSG did everything in their power to stop them, forcing a bracket reset and a second Bo7 series but would ultimately fall short to the now-champions.

Nick "mist" Costello showed up big time during both series, as he was a key player in almost every one of the eleven games played, scoring the go-ahead and the championship-sealing goals for Team Envy.

This is Team Envy’s third Regional Championship in the revamped RLCS X, all won in succession (Fall Regional #3, Winter Regionals #1 and #2) as they soar to the top of the North American leaderboards.

north america rlcs x leaderboards winter

With the result, Team Envy pockets the top prize of $30,000, leaving $15,000 to second place, Spacestation Gaming. 

Battle of the Titans

north america rlcs x regional 2 grand finals team envy spacestation gaming

(Picture: Psyonix)

It was Team Envy vs Spacestation Gaming. Two of the biggest and baddest teams in North America were facing in the Grand Finals after G2 and NRG were eliminated by SSG earlier in the Lower Bracket.

In what was a series riddled with bumps, demos and boost starvation, Envy took a quick 2-0 lead over Spacestation Gaming, who answered accordingly, winning back-to-back games and tying the series altogether. 

Stamina started to wear off for both teams in Game 5 after Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver shot the game-winning goal to put an end to the gruelling 8-minute overtime.

The war wasn’t over, as Spacestation fought tooth and nail to remain the tournament and keep their spot as the region’s team to beat. 

With A+ passing and shooting from Massimo "Atomic" Franceschi and a lightning-quick flip reset from Slater "retals" Thomas, the series was pushed to Game 7 where Tshaka "Arsenal" Lateef Taylor Jr. made the save of the series, forcing the bracket reset.

With only a five-minute break between matches and Spacestation Gaming coming off a non-stop back-to-back day, the second series was too much for SSG as Team Envy swept them to win their third NA Regional Championship.

Spacestation Gaming’s Arsenal took to Twitter right after the series, commenting on the short amount of time they were given between series:

A tale of two brackets

upper bracket north america rlcs x regional 2(Picture: Psyonix)

Team Envy was looking dominant as ever through the Upper Bracket, knocking Down To Earth, Ghost Gaming, and Rogue down to the Lower Bracket and sweeping NRG in the Winner’s Finals.

Spacestation Gaming was knocked down to the Lower Bracket in the second round by Alpine Esports, and had a rough time trying to stay alive with double elimination close calls every other series. 

lower bracket north america rlcs x regional 2(Picture: Psyonix)

Topping G2, Rogue and NRG in the Lower Bracket on their way to the Grand Finals, an 8-minute overtime in Game 5 and playing a second Bo7 series against the best team in North America, Team Envy, really showed what Spacestation is capable of enduring and pulling off, even in the toughest of starts.

Finishing 2nd place in the tournament sets Spacestation Gaming as the 2nd place of North America, right behind three-time Regional champs, Team Envy. With this Regional being the last Rocket League tournament of the year, both teams sent us into a holiday break full of gratitude and joy thanks to their amazing performances.


Make sure to catch the third and last NA Regional of the Winter Split live on 23rd January 2021, but until then, you can relive this epic showdown’s full VOD available on Rocket League Esports’ Twitch and YouTube channels.