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Rocket League
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The General NRG extends Musty for two more years

The YouTuber and professional player is NRG-bound through 2023.
Rocket League content creator and professional player Wyatt AKA amustycow is staying in NRG through 2023 after signing a two-year extension on 7th June, the org announced.

Musty, who runs the most subscribed Rocket League YouTube channel, originally joined back in September 2020 only to move up to the official substitute position in less than six months.

Currently sitting at 2.5 million subscribers at the time of writing, the 20-year-old also renewed with G-FUEL, the caffeinated drink mix brand.

Whilst he is yet to play his official professional match under the NRG banner, Musty is used to high-level gameplay, being atop the MMR leaderboards for consecutive competitive seasons.

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(Picture: NRG)

It’s undisclosed if the extension applies to his professional position relative to the roster or is exclusive in regards to his content creation.

The creator of the Musty Flick seems to be comfortable sitting on the bench, but if his ambitions start to get the best of him and he decides he wants to play at the highest level of car soccer, it’s doubtful NRG would let Mustard rep the brand and play under another banner.

Whatever the future awaits for him professionally, we are just happy to see we got two more years of the Mustyteer to go, just fingers crossed for connectivity issues and he needs to step up to the plate soon -- that’ll make for good content.

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