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Top 10 Rocket League players in 2021

From defending champions to white-hot newcomers, here are the best Rocket League players that the world has to offer.

Competitive Rocket League is a tier 1 esport. Slowly but surely, the Epic Games and Psyonix is forging a truly competitive experience that looks to stand the test of time featuring huge prize pools, professional teams, and stories and legacies a plenty.

And as it continues to pull hundreds of thousands of viewers weekly, amassing millions of views on every social media platform, it's clear the show is only just get started.

With the culmination of RLCS Season X right around the corner with a (fingers crossed) World Championship LAN to truly settle some scores, we can already picture all the dream matches we have been fantasizing about since the Fall Split kicked off.

And with that showpiece event just around the corner, what better time than to get a bit granular, have a bit of fun, and rank some of the best individuals in the esport? 

So withoutout furtherado here are our top 10 Rocket League players in 2021.

10. Arsenal from Spacestation Gaming

Tshaka "Arsenal" Lateef Taylor Jr is a joy to watch on and off the field. One of the most charismatic personalities in the community comes with one of the biggest threats the scene has ever seen: his improv.

In a fast-moving industry like the Rocket League competitive circuit, Arsenal has only been a part of two teams since his professional debut.

This speaks volumes of Arsenal’s consistency, craft and skill ceiling through the years.

The seasoned veteran was a former The Peeps member before joining Spacestation Gaming in 2019. 

Leading his team to both a regional and a major RLCS X championship, Arsenal has become the deadliest weapon in the organisation.

9. AYYJAYY from FaZe Clan

AYYJAYY “is not f****** leaving” the top anytime soon.

Original peep Jirair “Gyro” Papazian and Austin "AYYJAYY" Aebi, former teammates in the Pittsburgh Knights roster, decided to reform The Peeps back in August 2020 and it was the best decision ever.

AYYJAYY has taken the formidable Peeps team name to a whole new level, bringing them all the way to World Championship contendership and signing with the world-renowned FaZe Clan organisation.

With the leadership and mechanical skills required to survive the harsh professional scene, the 18-year-old has won the hearts of fans all around the globe.

8. Fairy Peak! from Team Vitality

Victor "Fairy Peak!" Locquet is a staple to the Rocket League competitive circuit and that is not said about many names in the league's history. The 22-year-old Frenchman is a menace on the field in any format, at one point being the No. 2 1v1 player in the world.

Competing in the professional Rocket League scene since 2016, the former World Champion has made a name for himself for almost five years straight and he doesn’t plan on stopping, either.

With experience and speed, Fairy Peak! has taken Team Vitality and placed the name high on top of the European region for the last two years.

7. Marc_by_8 from Team BDS

Marc "MaRc_By_8." Domingo is one of the surprise entrants to the 2021 list. Who would of had Marc anywhere near the top 10 players this time last year?

The regional and major European champion has been tearing down walls in Team BDS as RLCS lines them up and they come knock them down.

What really makes him special, though, is his ability to improvise in the split of a second.

Because of his sky-rocketing career (pun intended), Marc has become one of the most unpredictable players that have ever hit the pitch with his mind games.

6. Firstkiller from Rogue

Jason "Firstkiller" Corral is a Rocket League prodigy. 

At only 16-years-old, we have seen him kickstart his career as one of the best 1v1 players ever in North America, going pro with Ghost Gaming and now in 4th place in NA, Rogue.

Firstkiller is not only known for his speediness but also for his clutch-ness and decision making in crunch time, taking Rogue to back-to-back regional championship wins in the last couple of weeks.

Although he was making a case for himself as the best player in the world a couple of weeks ago, we believe there’s very little time until he actually solidifies at the very top.

5. GarrettG from NRG

What else can be said about Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon? Love him or hate him (and let’s be real, nobody hates him), Garrett is one of the best ever to drive an Octane.

He is not only a scorer, not only a defender -- he is a captain with a fiery fighting spirit and determination that have led him to stay atop the RLCS scene for so long.

Playing in every single RLCS LAN event since the league’s inception, winning Season 8’s World Championship and holding the number one seed in North America? Sheesh, Mr. Gordon, sheesh.

4. Extra from Team BDS

One-third of the most dangerous Rocket League professional team the scene has ever seen, Alex "Extra" Paoli was Team BDS’ latest addition to the roster before taking over the world.

In a team sport, there is no better team player than him as the Frenchman has been all over the pitch making his teammates shine as bright as possible.

Probably the best passer in the game right now, Extra can also show up when it matters most. The clutch gene runs through the man and it could almost feel like he is the next rank’s successor.

3. Turbopolsa from Team Envy

If Garrett had us speechless, this man is the epitome of professional Rocket League.

The greatest player of all time, Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver finally breaks into the list and while he isn’t exactly at the top, he is as dominating as ever.

Winning RLCS World Titles four times total, the reigning and defending champion has never been known for his flashy playstyle.

Instead, Turbopolsa has always been the key to success.

In the world of sports, there are very few guarantees -- one of them is that Turbopolsa wins.

2. jstn. from NRG

The author of Rocket League’s most famous goal ever. Justin “jstn” Morales isn’t a stranger to the top of these lists and for good reason -- the kid is good at Rocket League.

The 18-year-old is as flashy, speedy, creative and dangerous as a professional player can get.

From the ceiling, off the backboard, sliding out his own net -- jstn can really do it all and I don’t think there is a better overall mechanical player in the whole wide universe.

1. M0nkey_M00n from Team BDS

Evan "M0nkey M00n" Rogez is entering his 3rd year as a professional Rocket League player and he is already considered to be the best one to do it in 2021.

The 18-year-old is the result of combining jstn and Turbo in a pot and stirring hard enough until you walked out with this monster, this behemoth, this Frankenstein of a pro.

Being at the right place, right time countless times is no mistake. Gamesense that surpasses the rest of the league, M0nkey M00n is the glue holding Team BDS together through (very few) thick and (very often) thin.

Completing the three-man roster and the only full squad to make the list, Team BDS making history with an 11-0 Grand Finals record in RLCS X, locking down one of the most competitive continents in Europe and taking over the scene one tournament at a time.