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Top 10 Rocket League teams in 2021

The Rocket League Championship Series will be missing a LAN event this year, so in its place, we'll try to rank the best of the best -- at least on paper.
The Rocket League competitive circuit is an ever-changing monster with newcomers trying to take over and stubborn veterans keeping up with the youngsters.

Now that we are halfway through the year and RLCS is still going strong even without a LAN in Season X, it wouldn’t hurt to compare the best teams in the world at least on paper.

Better late than never, they say, so without further ado, here are GINX TV’s Top 10 Rocket League teams in 2021 so far.

10. Team Queso

Respect the cheese these boys have brought forward. Winning the second Spring Regional and securing their spot in the European Championship, the former Magnifico squad has made a name for themselves and the org in RLCS X.

best rlcs rocket league team(Picture: @TeamQuesoGG/Twitter)

Finishing the regular season with 2431 circuit points and mathematically clinching their top-six finish with an impressive Spring Split, Team Queso seems to have had one of the best debuting RLCS seasons in recent memory.

The Spanish squad and org have secured themselves over 0,000 in prize pool money during RLCS X and when it’s all said and done, it’s an eight-month-long performance to remember.

9. FaZe Clan

One of the most prolific organisations in the world entered the scene late in the game as The Peeps were nearing the coveted top-six clincher.

Credit where credit is due as the roster worked their butts off during the entire RLCS X campaign and whilst the FaZe signing was a breath of fresh air for the squad, the org only accompanied their players for the remaining two months of the regular season.

best rlcs rocket league team(Picture: @FaZeClan/Twitter)

They may have not won any regional or major events throughout the 10-month-long season but their consistency and determination got them a guaranteed North American Championship appearance where they get a share of the $400,000 prize pool -- all coming from an independent team only signed in March 2021. Very well deserved.

8. Guild Esports

The English organisation has made a huge splash since entering the scene in July 2020. Recently winning the third Spring regional event with RLCS legend David “Deevo” Marrow, it’s hard not to root for these fellas.

best rlcs rocket league team(Picture: @guildeesports/Twitter)

Earning over $100,000 since entering the scene, Guild Esports will be a name to remember in the Rocket League Esports community and with their showstopping performance and personalities, they might take it all come European Championship time.

7. Top Blokes

The Blokes are going all-in on themselves as they are turning their independent team into an organisation after investors backed the European squad.

Promising jerseys, decals and even expanding into other esports, Top Blokes has to be one of the most impressive growths in the RLCS scene.

Winning the second Winter Regional event and always stay close to the top of the European leaderboards, the English team figured out the formula to keep consistent even through a BDS-dominated region.

6. Rogue

Rogue was definitely on one during the RLCS Season X, winning back-to-back regional championships and amassing over 3,500 circuit points from high-placing performances.

The American organisation has earned over $400,000 in their Rocket League tenure since 2017 with over $150,000 in earnings purely from this last campaign.

best rlcs rocket league team(Picture: @Rogue/Twitter)

With one of the youngest rosters in the league with the most impressive results, Rogue doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

5. Spacestation Gaming

The original big dogs to beat when the season started, Spacestation took an early lead in the 10-month-long journey to the promised LAN event-turned-RLCS X Championships.

Walking out of the regular season with 3744 circuit points, ranking third in the North American continent and winning two regional events plus one major tournament, SSG hits the sweet spot between underdog and behemoth.

Also, they renewed their current roster for two more years this past March, meaning they will probably make similar Top 10’s both in 2022 and 2023.

4. Team Vitality

The former World Champions is keeping up with the newer generations as they sit in second place in Europe with 3451 circuit points and only one regional championship under their belt.

best rlcs rocket league team(Picture: @TeamVitality/Twitter)

The Frenchmen led by Alexandre “Kaydop” Courant has really shown how consistency and quality-over-quantity mentality in performances can lead to a secured top-four in the European Championship.

Nearing the $1,000,000 milestone in prize pool earnings, don’t be surprised if the organisation closes out the year shattering the accolade and becoming the first one to do so in the old continent.

3. The General NRG

The defending World Champions are still going strong, finishing the regular season atop of the North American leaderboards -- on paper at least.

With 4645 circuit points and the only RLCS X two-time Major Champions, they are definitely the team to beat in the Championship.

best rlcs rocket league team(Picture: @NRGgg/Twitter)

Unless the format changes for RLCS 11, we expect The General NRG to be the defending champions at least until 2022 when another 10-month-long season leads up to the first LAN event in two years.

2. Team Envy

Even though Team Envy fell short of taking over North America by the end of the regular season, no team did what they did in the region.

Winning their fourth RLCS X regional championship with the first three going back-to-back-to-back, Envy is definitely one of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it teams.

Since adding Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver to the squad, Envy has gone from undesirable to undeniable in the span of a year and that’s why they’re the number one team in NA, number two overall.

1. Team BDS

There wasn’t any other answer and it’s irrefutable to say BDS isn’t the best team in the world right now.

The Swiss organisation has amassed $381,027 only during RLCS X, their debuting season and finishing the regular campaign with a whopping 5301 circuit points, leading their opponents by thousands of performances.

best rlcs rocket league team(Picture: @FaZeClan/Twitter)

Even extending the trio’s contracts for two more years effective since February of this year means, unless any unforeseen Rocket League drama shatters our dreams, we’ll be seeing Team BDS square off against the rest of the world when we finally get an RLCS LAN in 2022.


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