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Rogue Company
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Rogue Company Arms Dealer event temporarily disabled, purchases are being refunded

The Arms Dealer update has launched with numerous issues and following the player's backlash, Hi-Rez studio is temporarily disabling it.

Hi-Rez's popular tactical shooter Rogue Company has just received a huge update last night, called Arms Dealer.

The update comes with new challenges, cosmetics, and balance changes, but the initial reaction of the community hasn't exactly been positive.

The players weren't happy with some changes, particularly with the one that has removed the player's level from being shown during matchmaking. Levels are now hidden, which a number of people in the community see as a cheap move to hide the core issues with the matchmaking system.

rogue Arms Dealer event disabled 50% discount
(Picture: Hi-Rez)

Asides from that, a large part of the community saw the new event as ridiculously expensive and grindy, so much so that people started boycotting new cosmetics and other purchasable Arms Dealer content.

Apparently, the backlash was quite strong and forced Hi-Rez to react less than 24 hours after the release of the update.

Hi-Rez is rolling back the update and they will refund all Arms Dealer purchases made in this period. 

The update will come back online later this day with a 50% discount on all items.

At the time of writing, the game is inaccessible, as Hi-Rez performing scheduled maintenance, which will hopefully fix some of the issues players have been complaining about.