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Where To Find & Defeat The Megalodon In Sea Of Thieves

Muster up the inner strength to challenge the mightiest creature, the Megalodon, as we explain how to find and defeat it in Sea of Thieves.
Where To Find & Defeat The Megalodon In Sea Of Thieves
(Picture: Rare)

The world of Sea of Thieves has unique wildlife and creatures that can be found through exploration during their adventures on the high seas. While a handful can be brought on board as companions, some can be encountered as enemies or in World Events like the Kraken, which can be said for the Megalodon.

This ferocious creature of the Deep is a rare encounter; however, once the battle begins, pirates must band and strategize to defeat it. Before the encounter starts, we've explained in this guide how to find and defeat the Megalodon in Sea of Thieves.

How To Find The Megalodon In Sea Of Thieves?

First introduced to Sea of Thieves as part of the limited-time event for The Hungering Deep, it became a permanent feature following the Shrouded Spoils update, which added new Megalodon species to the game. Pirates looking to encounter these humongous predators will have to wait a considerable amount of time, as the Megalodon are mostly randomized chance encounters they can experience in-game.

Once the Megalodon encounter begins, it will start circling around their Ship before attacking it. (Picture: Rare)

This terrifying creature has a specific spawn pattern, which can only be triggered if it sails in open waters far away from any island or Outpost. What follows is the start of the terrifying encounter with the Megalodon, alerted by its encounter music before the creature breaches the waters from behind their Ship.

Pirates can do one of two things during this encounter: face the Megalodon head-on or sail away from the encounter by heading to the nearest island or Outpost. This sees the Megalodon return to its spawning area as it turns away from them, likely awaiting the next vulnerable Ship that sails through its spawn zone.

How To Defeat The Megalodon In Sea Of Thieves?

Defeating the Megalodon is no easy feat, especially facing it solo, so it would be advised to tackle this creature with a crew. As the Megalodon will be circling the Ship, attacking it with powerful blows, crewmates must decide amongst themselves who will be stationed at the cannons and who'll focus on Ship repairs as the Ship will take significant damage.

It's reported that depending on their Ship type, it should take around 15 cannonballs to defeat the Megalodon, but it will take significantly more if they're sailing on the Galleon. This is due to the Megalodon's difficulty scaling with the Ship type, meaning pirates with the Brigantine or Sloop will have a slightly easier time defeating it.

Likewise, the Brigantine and the Sloop take less damage from the Megalodon's biting attacks, which can be countered by aiming their cannons into the mouth. Firing consecutive shots at the Megalodon's mouth will prevent it from charging its attack and weaken the damage dealt to the Ship.

Defeating the Megalodon is tied to the Athena's Fortune and Shrouded Spoils Commendations, which can award pirates with various rewards. Additionally, once defeated, they'll be able to claim multiple items the Megalodon will drop, like Megalodon Meat, randomized Treasure chests, and items and reputation if sailing as an Emissary.