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Sea of Thieves
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How to get Sea of Thieves Borderlands Mayhem ship set

Borderlands is coming to Sea of Thieves with a ship set inspired by the vaults of Pandora, and here we will explain to you how you can get it for free.
During the Xbox Gamescom 2021 showcase Sea of Thieves developers, studio Rare, announced the latest event set to sail across the high seas.

The event is called Making Mayhem and it is inspired by a popular Mayhem mode from Borderland 3, which you unlock after completing the main storyline of the game.

The event will bring a myriad of challenges inspired by the iconic looter shooter series, and upon completing them you will receive a valuable reward, a shiny new Borderlands Mayhem ship set.

The rewards are completely free and anyone will have a chance to earn them, so make sure to unlock the free goodies while they are available.

Making Mayhem challenges

Sea of Thieves Borderlands Mayhem ship
The ship is inspired by The Vault, a cache of alien technology hidden on the planet of Pandora. (Picture: Rare)

In order to earn the boat, you will need to complete a series of minor and major Mayhem challenges during the event.

"Larinna has laid out two flavours of challenges to let you build Favour with the Bilge Rats," developers explain. "Minor Mayhem Challenges are bite-sized tasks like blasting a shark with a Gunpowder Barrel or torching skeletons with a Firebomb, while Major Mayhem Challenges are more lucrative but demanding acts like looting all the gold piles in a Treasure Vault or tearing through a Tall Tale."

Sea of Thieves Borderlands Mayhem ship
Complete various challenges to earn Favour and be rewarded with the ship's parts. (Picture: Rare)

By completing these challenges, you will earn Favour with the Bilge Rats, and when you have enough of it, they will give you parts of the Mayhem ship set. When you complete all the challenges you will have all parts of the ship, which will then be assembled and ready for action.

The set includes a red-and-yellow ship design with the Borderlands (and The Vault) logo all around the ship's hull and sails, and as a nice touch - a Claptrap-inspired nautical figurehead.

When does the Making Mayhem event end?

Sea of Thieves Borderlands Mayhem figurehead
I'm sure there is some joke which includes robots and pirates. (Picture: Rare)

The Making Mayhem event in Sea of Thieves is available starting today, 24th August, and you will have more than enough time to earn all the Favour you need and be reward with all of the ship parts.

The Making Mayhem event will end on 7th September at 10 am CET / 4 am ET / 1 am PT.

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