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Sea of Thieves Cannon Rowboats: How to use, locations, docking, and more

The Buried Treasures update introduces a new type of vessel in Sea of Thieves - Cannon Rowboats! This guide will explain what are Cannon Rowboats, how to use them, and everything else there's to know about them.
Sea of Thieves Cannon Rowboats: How to use, locations, docking, and more

What are the things you associate the most with pirates? Ships, eye patches, rums, loot... and cannons! 

Cannons in Sea of Thieves are insanely fun, and that's why Rare decided to introduce even more cannons with the Season 5 update.

The Buried Treasures update features a new type of vessel, called Cannon Rowboats. You can use Cannon Rowboats to wage small battles or travel quickly from your main ship to land.

Let's check out what we know about this exciting new feature in Sea of Thieves.

What are Cannon Rowboats in Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves Cannon Rowboats: How to use, locations, docking, and more
How are Cannon Rowboats even balanced with such a heavy load on one side? (Picture: Rare)

Cannon Rowboats, as the name clearly implies, are just like regular rowboats, but with a cannon mounted on the boat's prow.

In terms of controls, a Cannon Rowboat works exactly the same as other rowboats, if you know how to manoeuvre rowboats, you will feel right at home with Cannon Rowboats.

The main difference is the titular cannon, which turns this little rowboat into a mobile artillery unit.

The cannon itself functions exactly the same as other cannons in the game (those on ships and forts). The controls are the same, the cannon behaves the same, the range and damage are the same, etc.

Cannon Rowboats come equipped with a Rowboat Chest where you can stow supplies, including all kinds of Cannonballs, Firebombs, Chain shots, or even new Fireworks and Signal Flares!

One thing you should know is that you should be careful when sailing in a Cannon Rowboat because, unlike regular Rowboats, Skeleton Ships and Ghost Ships will consider you an imminent threat and will attack you even if you don't provoke them.

Where to find a Cannon Rowboat in Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves Cannon Rowboats: How to use, locations, docking, and more
You can tie Cannon Rowboats to your main ships, and use them as additional artillery. (Picture: Rare)

Just like other boats (Rowboats and Harpoon Rowboats), Cannon Rowboats don't have a set location, rather you can randomly stumble upon one on island beaches.

You can spot a boat from afar and if you are interested in getting one, come closer to inspect the location and see what kind of a boat has stranded there. It might be any of the three currently available types in the game.

Once you find a Cannon Rowboat, you can dock it to your ship, which will give you an additional cannon at your disposal. Make sure to set your rowboat to face the desired direction before docking it. Once docked, the Cannon Rowboat becomes an inherent part of the ship, and thus its cannon will behave like all other cannons on the ship.

With that said, this guide has come to an end. Good luck searching for a Cannon Rowboat and have fun testing it once you find it!


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Featured image courtesy of Rare.