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Player beats Sifu without taking damage or ageing

This Sifu player pulled off a spectacular feat by completing the game in one smooth run-through. Check out this crazy story after a Sifu player beat the game without taking damage or ageing.
Player beats Sifu without taking damage or ageing

One of the more exciting releases thus far in 2022 has been the beat 'em up action-adventure title developed by French studio Sloclap. Sifu, as it's titled is a martial arts experience offering super fast-paced and intricate combat in addition to a riveting storyline.

Amongst the interesting features added by Sloclap is ageing, as your character will change in appearance as he goes through his journey. It's a very realistic aspect and really gives a visual representation of the quest your character is on.

Though it hasn't taken long for players to look at the ageing feature as a challenge, and a challenge accepted at that. Check out this crazy story after a Sifu player beat the game without taking damage or ageing.

Do note this article will include spoilers so if you haven't completed Sifu yet, you may want to experience the ending for yourself first.

Sifu player beats game without ageing or taking damage

Sifu hallway kung fu combat battle
Sifu provides awesome hand-to-hand combat and a unique martial arts storyline. (Picture: Sloclap)

One of the most interesting facets of Sifu is the ageing process implemented by Sloclap. This title is certainly not for the impatient, as the Kung-fu-inspired title follows the martial artist lifestyle of constantly learning, and always striving for improvement.

To drive this point home, the Sifu storyline has a unique death system, where players don't have to start over each time they lose a life. Rather they will experience ageing, which has additional gameplay effects.

Players will start the first of the five chapters at age 20 and will have a number of "deaths" to use before they reach the age of 75 upon which you will receive a Game Over screen if you have not completed the storyline.

In an incredible feat, this YouTube user/Sifu player Kusemek was able to progress through the entire game storyline and ending without ageing or taking any damage. In other words, this player finished the entire Sifu storyline start to finish without dying once.

Check out the awesome video below and remember if you haven't finished Sifuyou may not want to spoil the ending just yet.

Enjoy the festivities as Sifu is now live on multiple platforms! Can you beat the game without ageing?

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Featured image courtesy of Sloclap.