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Is Hideo Kojima Involved With New Silent Hill Games?

Since the canceled Silent Hill reboot spearheaded by Kojima productions was canceled, fans have longed for Hideo Kojima to reunite with Konami. But is he involved with these new games?
Is Hideo Kojima Involved With New Silent Hill Games?

"Silent Hills" is a canceled horror game that was in development by Kojima Productions. The game was set to be published by Konami for the PS4 until it was unfortunately canceled in 2015. 

The game was scrapped after Kojima and Konami parted ways, and he and the other director working on Silent Hills (Guillermo del Toro) would reunite to complete Death Stranding in 2019. Not much is known about the split itself, but fans have always wanted to see Konami and Kojima reconcile their differences. Could the newly announced Silent Hill F be this chance?


Is Hideo Kojima Involved With New Silent Hill Remake Games?

Silent Hill F
Silent Hill F looks amazing and could be even better with Kojima's influence (Picture: Konami)

Unfortunately, it seems like Hideo Kojima will have no involvement in Silent Hill F, Silent Hill 2 Remake, or any other Silent Hill properties. Many rumors surround the breakup between Kojima and Konami, but we will likely never know the concrete reason why they parted ways.

However, for the brief time that Kojima worked on Silent Hills, the incredibly popular demo (titled "P.T") was released on the PlayStation Store but was quickly taken down after Kojima left the company. Despite being only a demo, fans fell in love with Kojima's interpretation of the Silent Hill franchise and were very upset when the demo was removed. 

Will Hideo Kojima and Konami Get Back Together?

Silent Hills P.T
Fans are still upset that P.T has never been made playable again (Picture: Konami / Kojima Productions)

Kojima left Konami in a rather unceremonious fashion, leading many fans to believe the two parties would never reconcile. However, VGC has reportedly spoken with members of Konami Japan, revealing that both Kojima and Konami are back on speaking terms. 

While this is no indication that Kojima has any involvement in the new Silent Hill games, it is certainly a good sign for things to come. After the success of Death Stranding, Kojima has also stated that he would like to work on a horror game again. While he may not have any involvement in the new Silent Hill games, we may be lucky enough to witness Konami / Kojima horror revival sometime in the future. 

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Featured image courtesy of Hideo Kojima.