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Where To Find Bones In Sons Of The Forest

Bones are an important resource for your survival in Sons of the Forest, but how do you get them?
Where To Find Bones In Sons Of The Forest

Endnight’s newest survival title has several types of resources, but the question on many players' minds is: How do you get Bones in Sons of the Forest? This vital resource can be used to craft all sorts of things, from armor and weapons to effigies that will scare off would-be attackers. Also, it's not particularly that difficult to find. Unlike finding the Modern Axe, which might prove to be a bit tough, Bones are an abundant resource if you know how to find them. That's why we've picked clean the skeleton of Sons of the Forest to detail all the locations you can find Bones in Sons of the Forest

Where To Find Bones In Sons of the Forest: All Locations

bone locations sons of the forest
All 12 Cave locations in Sons of the Forest. (Picture: MapGenie)

Gathering Bones in Sons of the Forest is no small task, as you must survive a few encounters with the various island inhabitants as they seek you out. You can do this naturally by interacting with the game’s survival mechanics to attract their attention, such as cutting down trees, killing animals, and building structures. However, this is a significantly slower process.

The much faster option is to search for a cave, which can be found on the GPS and minimap (see image above). Specifically, you can find a total of 12 cave entrances with sprawling underground systems that are all littered with enemies in Sons of the Forest. Once you’ve found a few monsters to kill, get to chopping, slicing, or firing arrows away to your heart's content.

After you’ve slain a few monsters and their ilk, you will be left with dead bodies that you can interact with using the “E” button. Doing so will allow you to carry these bodies to any location you’d like. Then, when you’ve settled on a good place to put one or all of them, you can use the “G” button to drop the body where you stand. 

where to find bones sons of the forest
Dead Cannibals are the best source of Bones. (Picture: Endnight Games)

The next step is to build a fire in Sons of the Forest and drop the corpses into it. When the dead monsters touch fire, they are set ablaze for a few seconds before burning up, and you are left with a pile of Bones. The exact number of Bones isn’t guaranteed to be the same every time, but typically you’ll receive a skull and a few standard Bones. 

Once you’ve done this a few times, it's possible to reach your carrying capacity fairly quickly, so you can always build a Bone Rack out of 16 sticks to store your Bones for future use. To do this, open your book with the “B” button, tab over to the storage section, and click on Bone Rack. After it’s been built, you can store Bones for future use, but be careful. If you’re raided, the cannibals and monsters may steal them. 

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Bones in Sons of the Forest!