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How Much Does Sons Of The Forest Cost? Steam Price List

With Sons of the Forest's release date fast approaching, players are wondering how much the game will cost on PC.
How Much Does Sons Of The Forest Cost? Steam Price List

The long, arduous journey of Sons of the Forest’s development will culminate in the game’s official release later this month. However, developer Endnight Games will keep it in Early Access for the time being as to avoid future delays, as players enjoy playing alone or with friends in the cannibalistic environment.

While the game is poised to pick up where The Forest had left off, based on the trailers, those looking to purchase the game will want to know how deep they’ll have to dig into their pockets. This guide will answer the price or cost of Sons of the Forest for players interested in getting the game on PC.

What Is The Price Of Sons Of The Forest On Steam?

As of writing, Sons of the Forest is available to players on PC through Steam’s Early Access program, with single-player and multiplayer modes available. Regarding the game’s pricing at launch, the developer noted on Twitter that the game will launch priced at $29,99 / £24,90 with no plans “on changing the price.”

sons of the forest pricing guide how much will it cost island map size
Developer Endnight Games has revealed the pricing for Sons of the Forest, which they have no intention of changing it. (Picture: Endnight Games)

We’ve previously discussed that the developer, Endnight Games, doesn’t have plans to launch the game on console at launch, but it doesn’t rule it out completely. According to its Early Access announcement, the developer will keep the game in Early Access when it launches on 23rd February 2023 until they “are certain this is the best version of the game possible.”

The developer further expanded on this to assist in getting the best possible game out to the general public. “We set out to make the ultimate survival horror simulator, and feel it is now at a stage where it needs player feedback and involvement to help push this even further.”

sons of the forest pricing guide how much will it cost turtles harvesting
The game will remain in Early Access as you can expect continuous support, game fixes, and additions. (Picture: Endnight Games)

With that being said, you can still enjoy the survival horrors of Sons of the Forest while it’s in Early Access as the developer continues to provide bug fixes and overall gameplay improvements. Additionally, you can expect plenty of feedback from the developer to the dedicated community via Steam, their official blog, and various social media platforms.

You can also expect new features, mechanics, and items added to the game during its Early Access state, which has been outlined. Thus far, Endnight Games are planning to bring 3D printing, more crafting features and items, more areas to explore, and plenty of lore.