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How To Craft A Bow In Sons Of The Forest

The Bow might be the sleeper hit of Sons of the Forest for ranged-combat, but how do you get one?
How To Craft A Bow In Sons Of The Forest

There are many weapons in Sons of the Forest, from Spears to Guns to a Katana Sword. One of the best for ranged attacks is the Bow, but how do you craft a Bow in Sons of the Forest? We’re going to break down everything you need to craft it, how to bring all of those disparate pieces together, and how to use it effectively. 

Unfortunately, ammo is a scarce resource in Sons of the Forest. Knowing how to craft a Bow in Sons of the Forest will help to eliminate the need to worry about ammo or getting too close to combatants with a melee weapon. This ranged weapon is a great tool to keep at your side or in your backpack’s quick inventory, as collecting Arrows after they’ve been fired is no more difficult than pressing the “E” button. So, how do you craft a Bow in Sons of the Forest? Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Craft a Bow in Sons of the Forest

Three (3) resources are required to make a Bow in Sons of the Forest: Sticks, Tape, and Rope. The first two are easy to come by and are located at almost every abandoned camp and even enemy camp, where they will horde merc supplies they’ve collected while out pillaging. The Rope is a bit tougher to come by, but if you crash land on the Mountain, there is guaranteed to be some rope nearby. 

Easy Rope Location (Picture: MapGenie)

Head West after landing on the Mountain to a nearby cave location. Here, you’ll find 3 Mercs that have been unfortunately turned into scarecrows facing the opening of the Cave where you find the Shovel. Around these scarecrows, you’ll find both Cloth and a Rope.  

What you need to craft a Bow in Sons of the Forest. 

After collecting some Rope, Tape, and 2 Sticks, you can Craft your first Bow. To do this, go into your inventory by pressing the “I” button by default. Right-click on your Sticks twice, once on a rope of tape and once more on the Rope. Right-click the cogwheel at the top right of the crafting mat, and that’s it! You now know how to craft a Bow in Sons of the Forest. You can now left-click the bow to equip it or add it to your backpack’s quick inventory

Aiming the Bow in Sons of the Forest.

Using the Bow is easy. Once it has been equipped, you can draw your arrow by holding left-click and then releasing it when you’re ready to fire. You can also cancel a Bow shot with the right-click while holding down left-click. To switch between the Carbon Fiber, 3D Printed Arrows, and Stone Arrows, you can look all the way down at the ground and press the “R” button. Note that you cannot ADS with the bow like you can with the Pistol

That’s it! That’s everything you need to know about how to craft a Bow in Sons of the Forest!