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How Big is Sons of the Forest? Map Size & Setting

Find out how big the Sons of the Forest map is and what setting the game takes place in.
How Big is Sons of the Forest? Map Size & Setting

Developer Endnight Games' Sons of the Forest, the follow-up to the incredible The Forest survival-horror game, will release on 23 February 2023 as an Early Access title on Steam. Players are sent to a cannibal-infested hellscape, a remote island, and this time, it will be a much bigger experience. But exactly how big is the Sons of the Forest map size?

This article explains how big Sons of the Forest's map is and the setting in which the game will take place, so let's get those crafting fingers ready and get started.

Sons of the Forest Setting: Site 2

sons of the forest map size site 2 setting how big location
Site 2 was revealed during one of the two endings for The Forest. (Picture: Endnight Games)

Sons of the Forest takes place on a lush island, where players need to find a missing billionaire. The setting is similar to that of the original, with a Pacific Northwest-style environment. 

At the end of the original game (image above), the setting for Sons of the Forest was already teased, and during the Sons of the Forest trailer, we see a similar layout of the island via the player's GPS. Yes, Sons of the Forest will indeed take place on "Site 2".

The developers confirmed to YouTuber that Sons of the Forest is set on Site 2, but added that "since we drew that map before starting development on this game, the map and that drawing won’t match exactly."

Check out YouTuber Farket's early playtest video below to learn more.

While we know the type of setting Sons of the Forest will take place in, which isn't that surprising, many fans want to know exactly how big the map is, compared to the original The Forest.

How Big is Sons of the Forest's Map?

sons of the forest map size site 2 setting how big location
Sons of the Forest's world will be more detailed than the original. (Picture: Endnight Games)

If you are looking for a meatier (sorry!) experience in Sons of the Forest, then you will not be dissapointed.

The developers have confirmed that: "In just scale, the world is around 4x the size of The Forest, but everything is more detailed this time."

So at least four times bigger than The Forest. For reference, the original game's landmass was roughly 1.2 square kilometers. Since there are also underground areas, we suspect Sons of the Forest's full size to be even more than four times the size of the original. A daunting yet exciting experience, to say the least.

Check out YouTuber Farket's excellent video discussing what they want from Sons of the Forest below.

So there you have it, the Sons of the Forest map is a whopping four to five times bigger than that of the original The Forest. It takes place on Site 2, and as a remote island filled with cannibals as the setting, and it looks glorious.