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Is Sons of the Forest Multiplayer, Explained

Below we'll be discussing whether Sons of the Forest will have multiplayer and what features we could expect.
Is Sons of the Forest Multiplayer, Explained

One of the most popular features of the hit 2014 survival game, The Forest was its multiplayer mode that allows friends to join each other as they survive a mutant and cannibal-infested island. Now that we're hot on the heels of its sequel, Sons of the Forest, many want to know if the game will have multiplayer. 

If you're wondering the same thing and are itching to jump onto this new horrific survival game with friends, then we have you covered. Below you can find the answers to all your questions regarding multiplayer in Sons of the Forest. 


Will Sons of the Forest have multiplayer? 

Yes, Sons of the Forest will feature multiplayer, just as its predecessor, The Forest did when it was released. This multiplayer mode was extremely well received as players loved exploring and enduring the harsh environment infested with mutants and cannibals with their buddies. 

The developers at Endnight Games have also gone into detail about the multiplayer mode, stating that it will accommodate up to 8 players, so the more the merrier. The multiplayer will also be available from day one, even if you have the game on early access, so you and seven other friends can jump right in. 

Will Sons Of The Forest Have Multiplayer Confirmed it will
Sons of the Forest has been confirmed by developers to feature multiplayer from day one. (Picture: Endnight Games)

Sons of the Fallen Multiplayer Features Explained

Because the game hasn't been released just yet, we can only speculate on what the multiplayer might include and draw other theories from the first game. If it's at all similar to The Forest, then it will likely include exploration, communication via walkie-talkie (though this is still highly speculative), resource sharing, reviving teammates, and salvaging your teammate's resources if they aren't revived in time.

Will Sons Of The Forest Have Multiplayer Features
The multiplayer will likely feature similar survival mechanics to the previous game, but with added functionality. (Picture: YouTube / IGN)

More excitingly, IGN recently released an exclusive look at the trailer for Sons of the Forest's multiplayer, and in it we see players being able to work together to build a shelter and hunt for resources as a team. This showcases the core of multiplayer, which is the division of labor, watching each other's backs and essentially, just trying to survive the harsh and gruesome environment you're in. 

Of course, we will update this article with the latest information on Sons of the Forests' multiplayer features as they are made available to us, as we are likely to get more information on the features, mechanics, and multiplayer exclusive content. If this has you more curious about playing this game with friends, then be sure to check out our coverage of the crossplay functionality, and of course, be safe out there.