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Sons Of The Forest Rebreather Location: Where To Find

Explore the watery depths using our guide on the Rebreather location and how to find it in Sons of the Forest.
Sons Of The Forest Rebreather Location: Where To Find

To survive the harsh environment in Sons of the Forest, you'll need a lot more than weapons and shelter. You'll also need equipment that makes exploration and resource scavenging easier, and one piece of equipment every survivor needs is the Rebreather. 

This item lets you dive underwater and explore the depths and collect resources without drowning, and if you don't have one yet and want to find it, then keep reading. Below you can find the location of the Rebreather on the map of Sons of the Forest, and how to find it once you get there. 

How To Find The Rebreather Location in Sons of the Forest

After crash landing on the island, you'll be near the first cave you can explore in the game. It's located on the north side of the map along the beach, just keep walking till you see some yellow barrels, and you'll find the cave entrance nearby which you'll need to break open using a weapon. 

Rebreather Location In Sons Of The Forest beach cave
The Rebraether can be found in a cave on the northern beach of the island. (Picture: Mapgenie)

Once inside, use your lighter to light the way forward until you see a light inside the cave. Follow it until the cave gets low and you'll need to crouch, then head down the left passage. You'll come across a small body of water with life jackets, a torch on the ground lighting the room up, and some mutants nearby, you can choose to either take them down or sneak past them.

After doing so, continue down the left path and continue until you can turn right again, then continue straight until you find a third light source in an open chamber with water in the center that also houses a shark, so be careful. Walk along the water's edge until you reach the light source where you'll find the rebreather lying next to it. 

How to use Rebreather and Gas Canister Locations

The rebreather will automatically be equipped, so the next time you jump into some water it will equip and you'll see an oxygen meter appear on the screen. Our oxygen supply for the rebreather depends on air canisters that you won't be able to craft, they can only be found scattered around the island, so be sure to use them sparingly. 

Rebreather Location In Sons Of The Forest Gas canisters
Gas canisters are used with the Rebreather and you can find some near the crashed helicopter among other locations. (Picture: Endnight Games)

If you're looking to find air canisters or you've run out, then check around the yacht for them, or scattered about caves located near deep pools of water. The area where you first crashed will also have a few of them lying around so be sure to stock up on them as they are vital to underwater exploration and in combination with the Rebreather, lets you find key items later in the game like the Shovel