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Do Trees Regrow In Sons Of The Forest?

Do you want to know if trees regrow in Sons of the Forest? Here's everything you need to know.
Do Trees Regrow In Sons Of The Forest?

Sons of the Forest is a game that requires players to gather and utilize resources effectively. One of the essential resources in the game is trees. Cutting down trees yields logs, sticks, and other raw materials that can be used for building and crafting, depending on the tree type. However, since the trees must be chopped down, many players wonder if trees grow back in Sons of the Forest. It's a fair question - after all, without trees, it would be difficult to progress in the game. This guide will explore if trees regrow in Sons of the Forest and what that means for players.

Will Trees Grow Back In Sons Of The Forest?

In the game's predecessor, The Forest, trees would grow back after some time, but there was only a 10% chance of a stump regrowing after sleeping, and only if the gameplay setting was enabled. This made large trees a slow-growing or non-renewable resource in the game. However, removing the stump after chopping down a tree would result in the tree not respawning (tip, check out our guide on how to get the Modern Axe in Sons of the Forest).

Sons of the Forest adopts a similar principle, albeit much slower. Trees in Sons of the Forest will grow back from new saplings around the chopped tree, but this takes a considerable amount of time to occur. Players can also break the stumps of trees up to clear the area by holding the hatchet for a few seconds. Again, like in The Forest, trees will regrow when the stump has not been broken down.

can trees grow back sons of the forest
Trees can regrow in Sons of the Forest, but only if you leave the stump. (Picture: Endnight Games)

So, in summary, if you want trees to regrow in Sons of the Forest, it's best not to destroy the stump after chopping down a tree. That said, players who want to speed up the process may be interested in a cheat/console command called "regrowmode." This setting enables a 10% chance of all fallen trees regrowing while you sleep, provided the tree stump is still intact.

And that's everything you need to know about whether trees regrow in Sons of the Forest! But why stop there? Be sure to check out our other guides, such as how to recruit Virginia as a companion, or our top 5 tips for beginners in Sons of the Forest, to enhance your gaming experience. Happy playing!