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All Stray Outsiders Notebook Locations And How To Get

Traverse across the buildings and rooftops of The Slums to track down all four notebooks belonging to a group called the Outsiders in Stray.
All Stray Outsiders Notebook Locations And How To Get

Stray has a bustling environment where the cat protagonist and their droid can explore to locate allies, clues, and collectibles across Hong Kong. The game has many unique collectibles, from music sheets to Energy Drinks which can assist this feline explorer in helping escape to the outside world.

A series of notebooks contain clues about the outside world; however, tracking them down in The Slums isn’t easy. In this guide, we’ll guide you in locating all four notebooks and how to get them in Stray.

Where to find all Outsiders Notebooks in Stray

In this independent adventure game, Stray, you’ll explore various areas of Hong Kong as the feline protagonist tries to find a way out and back to their litter of stray cats. One of the ways you can get closer to reaching the world beyond the city you’ll need to locate notebooks belonging to a quartet of droids, the Outsiders.

The Outsiders are a collective unit who, much like the stray cat, seek a life outside the neon-lit streets. These notes provide information on how to reach the outside world that will further your progression; however, The Slums can be disorientating for the cat.

At the start of Chapter Four - The Slums, you’ll need to meet with the Guardian, who’ll direct you to the location of the first droid, Momo. This droid’s home is marked and brightly lit with a yellow neon fixture, but there are many ways of reaching this location.

Outsiders Location #1 and Notebook

stray guide outsiders notebooks locations momo flat
The Guardian will lead you to the location of the remaining member of The Outsiders, Momo. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles - Video Game DataBank)

Traverse your way to the rooftop using the aircons before jumping across the roofs to reach the balcony area and enter Momo’s flat through the window. After speaking with Momo and showing them the postcard memory from the third chapter, The Flat, they’ll give the first notebook.

Additionally, they’ll inform you there are three more notebooks to collect, all in possession of other Outsider members, Zbaltazar. Doc and Clementine. Leave Momo’s home from the same window, jump down onto the balcony and the roof and wrap around the building.

Outsiders Location #2 and Notebook

stray guide outsiders notebooks locations zbaltazar flat
Knock over the boxes inside Zbaltazar's flat to find the second notebook. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles - Video Game DataBank)

Go behind paint cans and jump across the roofs until you reach a gated balcony where you need to use the aircons to reach the top. Here you can find a note pinned against a wall which you can use to remove the ventilation plug before jumping into a vent to find Zbaltazar’s flat.

You’ll need to knock over the boxes for the notebook to fall out of one of the boxes. Once you’ve collected Zbaltazar’s notebook, B-12 will scan the notebook for new information before locating the next notebook.

Outsiders Location #3 and Notebook

stray guide outsiders notebooks locations doc flat
Pass the sofa atop the rooftop nearby a sleeping droid to find the entrance to Doc's flat. (Picture: Kibbles - Video Game DataBank)

The third notebook belongs to a droid named Doc, so exit Zbaltazar’s flat by tugging on the blind in the kitchen to reveal a window. Drop down onto the roof below and make your way back to the paint cans by Momo’s flat before jumping across to find a sleeping droid.

Use the aircon to find the rooftop and a sofa, and just beyond this, the Outsiders symbol marking Doc’s flat. Jump onto the balcony and enter their flat through a hole where you’ll find Doc’s library, and pass the library, you can find the keys on a bed.

stray guide outsiders notebooks locations doc library safe
Locate the safe in the library inside Doc's flat to find the third notebook. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles - Video Game DataBank)

Use the keys to open a safe in the middle section of the library, where you can knock over books to find the safe. The final notebook can be located inside Clementine’s room, so leave Doc’s flat the same way you’ve entered and past the rooftop sofa.

Outsiders Location #4 and Notebook

Drop down and head east before jumping on the aircons near the gated balcony nearby a droid sitting in front of a flat. Jump across the roofs and run down the large pipe to find the Outsiders symbol in the distance.

stray guide outsiders notebooks locations clementine office computer
Inside Clementine's falt, find the office and the notebook on the table beside a computer. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles - Video Game DataBank)

Enter Clementine’s flat through the window, crawl through the screen and locate the office to find the final notebook. As B-12 reads the notebook contents, Clementine finds fault with the Transceiver and a solution to fix it.

Head back to Momo’s flat and explain your findings to them, as fixing the Transceiver will assist them in communicating beyond The Slums. They’ll thank the cat before showing them a way up from their flat as they begin fixing the Transceiver.

Once repaired, Momo will task the cat to place the Transceiver atop a large tower which will help transmit signals to communicate with others. This concludes the quest to find all Outsiders notebooks in The Slums as you make way for the tower to install the Transceiver.

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