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Top 8 Games Like Stray You Can Play Right Now

If you’re looking for similar gameplay experiences to Stray, these games will provide new perspectives and plenty of lively animal protagonists.
Top 8 Games Like Stray You Can Play Right Now

BlueTwelve Studio's cat adventure game, Stray, surpassed many expectations, becoming one of the best-selling releases for publisher Annapurna Interactive. However, once the adventure ends and you've exhausted all your feline energy, players will look to find similar experiences, especially if it involves cats.

Luckily for players, there are plenty of adventures, new worlds, and delightful characters awaiting you, whether on console, mobile, or PC. We'll be looking at some of the top-selling games featuring cats and games similar to Stray.

Top 8 Games Similar to Stray

The game titles indicated below are ranked in no particular order. Also, it's worth noting that this list of the eight best games similar to Stray to play in 2022 reflects the author's opinions.

Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered

This first-person puzzle adventure game from Manekoware and Fire Hose Games is the remastered release of their popular game, Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered, first released in 2013. As a rather playful domestic cat who decides to wreak havoc on its owners' possession to show their authority.

From scratching on furniture, destroying valuables, and catching mice, players get to see the world through the eyes of a destructive yet adorable cat. In addition, the game's sandbox mode allows you to relax after a hard day's work ruining your owners' home.


Ever wondered if there's a game that combines puzzles, food, and cats in a unique yet entertaining gaming experience? The developers at Afterburn conceptualized this puzzle adventure game, Inbento, that lets players play with their food like a cat.

stray guide similar games action adventure puzzle platformer life simulation inbento afterburn bento boxes
Inbento is a food-orientated game that tasks you to solve puzzles. (Picture: Afterburn)

Solve puzzles stylized as bento boxes using beautifully crafted recipes while being captivated by a narrative about parenthood. Utilizing the game's unique gameplay mechanics to solve these bento-inspired puzzles designed using Japanese aesthetics and plenty of meows.

Cats Organised Neatly

A 2D puzzle game developed by DU&I, Cats Organized Neatly, is a fun, casual, and relaxing game that brings together puzzles and… cats. It features 30 different breeds; the main objective is to solve each puzzle using the cats provided.

stray guide similar games action adventure puzzle platformer life simulation cats organised neatly du&i
Cats Organised Neatly features 30 cat breeds and 80 puzzle levels. (Picture: DU&I)

The game features 80 puzzle levels, each beautifully "handcrafted" and varying in difficulty. It makes the game appealing to novice and veteran puzzle fans with its relaxing café background music and plenty of cat meows.

The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs

As the only expansion pack to feature on this list, the popular life simulation game brought pets to The Sims 4 in the Cats & Dogs. This expansion lets you adopt adorable dogs or cats and raise or nurture them in your well-decorated homes.

The expansion also added a new job career, Veterinarian, letting you take care of the dogs and cats in your Sim neighborhood from your clinic. In addition, there's a new customization tool, Create A Pet, to customize your dog or cat from their eye color to the color of their fur.

Endling - Extinction is Forever

Herobeat Studios' "eco-conscious adventure" arrived to console and PC in July 2022 and sees players navigate a world destroyed by humans. You'll play as a mother fox who has to ensure her pups' survival as they explore the contaminated environment.

The game blends side-scrolling with 3D environments as you scavenge through garbage bins, hunt smaller animals, and use abandoned buildings for shelters. This game will pull on your heartstrings but delivers on atmospheric perspective.


In another recent game release of 2022, this one-person project first garnered attention at Xbox's E3 Briefing in 2018. It took nearly four years for the game's developer Andrew Shouldice to finally give it its official platform-exclusive release in March 2022.

stray guide similar games action adventure puzzle platformer life simulation tunic fox zelda-like
Explore the magical world as a fox by solving puzzles, decoding messages, and defeating enemies. (Picture: Finji)

This isometric puzzle adventure game follows an anthropomorphic fox who has to maneuver through a world by solving puzzles, interacting with structures and items, and battling dangerous foes. While the dialogue is quite vague, Tunic was a surprise hit for players and critics thanks to its stellar art direction, gameplay, and enemy boss diversity.

Ori and the Blind Forest and Will of the Wisps

One of the most acclaimed Xbox releases of the modern era, Ori and the Blind Forest, and its sequel, Will of the Wisps, is a visually designed masterpiece created by Moon Studios. This platformer adventure game tells an enchanting yet heartbreaking story of an orphaned guardian spirit, Ori, as they're left to explore a destroyed Nibel and Niwen.

stray guide similar games action adventure puzzle platformer life simulation the ori collection ori and the will of the wisps ori and the blind forest
Explore the desolate world of Nibel in The Ori Collection. (Picture: Moon Studios)

With a great emphasis on exploration, platformer mechanics, collecting items, and backtracking, the game was highly praised for innovation in gameplay, art direction, story, and more.


This popular indie platformer game sees players guide the souls of the departed into the astral plane as their final resting place. As Stella, the new ferry master of the mythological fleet, Spiritfarer, you can also control her adorable feline friend, Daffodil, in co-op mode.

While you'll be able to do similar tasks as Stella when playing as Daffodil, you won't be able to interact with NPCs much like you can in Stray. And by the way, you can hug Daffodil if you ask for a friend.

While many of these games may not feature a cat, they are worth trying out on your next gaming journey once you've completed Stray and unlocked all the Trophies and Achievements.

For more cat content, check out our dedicated section for the latest Stray news, updates, guides, features, and more.


Featured image courtesy of BlueTwelve Studio / Annapurna Interactive.