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Alinity is now suspended from Twitch after nipple slip incident on stream

After the incident with the nipple slip, Alinity gave her self a 3-day suspension, but now Twitch officials finally reacted and banned her from the platform.
Alinity is now suspended from Twitch after nipple slip incident on stream

There's always some drama in the streaming community, and Columbian streamer Alinity definitely is no stranger to it.

Her latest misadventures include 'accidental' nipple slip on the live stream this Friday. She was standing and trying to put something under her t-shirt, and at one point she pulled the t-shirt a bit too high, more than enough to flash her boob to the audience watching the stream.

UPDATE: Alinity responds to her haters, nip-slip wasn't planned

The whole controversy quickly sparked outrage amongst the streaming community, with many pointing out the allegedly protected status she has on Twitch, especially considering her previous misconduct, such as the infamous cat torture on the stream. For two days there was no reaction from Twitch admins, and it looked like she will go unpunished and she even decided to inflict self-punishment, by not streaming for 3 days.

In the end, after almost two full days, Twitch mods finally reacted to this whole situation and suspended her from Twitch. Her channel is now unavailable, but there's no official statement for how long the suspension will last, though it will probably be something between 24 hours to 3 days.