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Alinity self imposes Twitch ban after accidental nipple slip on stream

The streamer isn't waiting around after breaking Twitch's Terms of Service.
Alinity self imposes Twitch ban after accidental nipple slip on stream

Twitch streamer Natalia "Alinity"  Mogollon can't keep herself out of trouble. After going viral for mistreating her cat live on stream, she's now the focus of another controversy after accidentally flashing her boobs.

UPDATE: Alinity responds to her haters, nip-slip wasn't planned


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(Credit: Alinity)


The wardrobe malfunction happened during her April 24th broadcast and lasted only a fraction of a second.



Despite this accident breaking Twitch's newly implemented nudity and attire policy, which deems situations like Alinity's a bannable offence, no such punishment has been handed down.

Alinity took to her Twitter to announce that she won't be streaming for the next three days, serving as a self-inflicted ban following the platform's lack of reaction to the whole deal.


The fact that no ban has come from Twitch has rubbed some members of the streaming community the wrong way.




Some others just outright mocked the privilege Alinity's stream seems to have.



With hundreds of complaints filling her social media, the 32-year-old fired back claiming that they should direct the hate towards Twitch themselves, as she's got no say in how suspensions get handed out.



Many have speculated that Alinity is in a romantic relationship with an employee at Twitch, as one of the reasons why her stream seems to have special privileges. She denied this once again while answering several other criticisms.



Twitch has yet to comment.

UPDATE: Alinity is now suspended from Twitch after nipple slip incident on stream - more on that story here.

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