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H3H3 fire back at Keemstar with a new video highlighting false accusations

Youtube feud between Ethan Klein and Keemstar continues with another h3h3 video.
H3H3 fire back at Keemstar with a new video highlighting false accusations

The biggest Youtube drama of the year continues to unfold as we are going deeper into details, and things are getting uglier with each passing day.

It all started three days ago, when Ethan Klein of h3h3 posted a lengthy video called Content Nuke - Keemstar, with a single goal of exposing all the wrongdoings and negative effects of Keemstar's Youtube show DramaAlert.

Keemstar quickly responded the following day, with his own "H3H3 lies" video, which was focused on Ethan Klein's claims that Keemstar is responsible for Desmond "Etika" Daniel Amofah death.

Keemstar promised another response video, where he would talk about other accusations, but H3H3 already uploaded a response to "h3h3 lies".

Called "Nuclear Fallout - Keemstar", this video is significantly shorter than the first one, and further expands on the toxicity and damaging effects Keemstar and his show DramaAlert produce on the lives of those unwillingly involved.



Ethan starts with explaining that he didn't accuse Keemstar of killing Etika, saying that he would have gone to the police if he had thought so. Instead, he pointed out that Keemstar created a toxic environment around a person that was already deep into trouble.

He says that Keemstar only pretends to be someone's friend when they have mental issues, but in reality, he just wants to use them for his DramaAlert content.


keemstar h3h3 drama
Boogie deleted this Tweet after harassment from Keemstar's fans (Picture: h3h3)


The video then focuses on a positive impact Ethan created by exposing Keemstar. RuneScape streamer Tony, whom Keemstar wrongfully accused of being a paedophile, posted a video saying that he received tremendous support and positive messages from people after h3h3 posted the video, and that he and his family can now be happy again.



The rest of the video shows cases of people wrongfully accused by Keemstar of serious crimes. Some of them were able to laugh off everything Keemstar accused them of, but for many, those accusations took a serious toll on their mental health.

Keemstar made several videos where he implied that Minecraft Youtuber Bashur raped minors, with one of his videos outright called "Bashur's 13 Year Old Victim", which all led to Bashur having a mental breakdown, and eventually deleting all his videos and taking a hiatus from the platform.


h3h3 keemstar drama
The title of a now-deleted DramaAlert video (Picture: h3h3)


In 2016, an ex-girlfriend of Youtube personality Toby Turner, April Fletcher, made several allegations against him, including that he drugged and raped her in February 2013. Accusations were never proven, and Ethan points out how Keemstar called him a rapist in the title of one of his videos, which led to harassment and hate.

Ethan further shows that Keemstar defended DaddyOFive, a now-deleted notorious Youtube channel where parents physically and emotionally abused their children in videos they claimed were "pranks".

"I don't really think that this is child abuse," said Keemstar at the time. "We live in a world where if you push a kid, or if you yell at a kid, that's instantly abuse... and I won't necessarily label this abuse."

Further on, the h3h3's video shows Keemstar publicly shaming Jessi "Smiles" Vazquez for saying that Vine star Curtis Lepore raped her, and then changing his story later.  

Keemstar also accused Youtube star Brandon Awadis and his cousin Anthony of having sexual activity with a 17-year-old girl, claiming that he has proof and later denying he said that. When he talks about the sexual assault accusations he says that he is "creating entertainment".

Finally, the last example is Keemstar calling ShoeNice "a rapist fugitive fleeing the country" in a now-deleted tweet.


keemstar h3h3 drama
(Picture: h3h3)


Although many were on Ethan's side in this whole situation, one of the things people pointed out as something that was a bad move was criticizing GFuel for sponsoring Keemstar, because people think that this will start a negative trend where people go after someone's sponsors.

In regard to that, Ethan says that GFuel is "as much a part of him as his beard, it's part of his identity," and in the video, he shows that Keemstar also used this method before.




The video concludes with Ethan pointing out that Keemstar is "threatening" him for uploading the original video. 

"This is the one that I want people to remember more than anything else in this video," Ethan says. "This is the most potent image of Keemstar you can ever see. You crossed me - I will destroy you. You have a support system - I have a hate system. And now, I'm turning the machine and all of its full force towards you. The silent part of what he's saying it that anyone else that speaks out against me[Keemstar], they'are gonna be attacked and harassed and destroyed as well."

This drama is likely far from over and we can expect another response video from Keemstar very soon.


Watch the full Keemstar "Nuclear Fallout - Keemstar" video