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Keemstar responds to H3H3, loses GFuel sponsor: "You really crossed the line"

He dropped a video on his DramaAlert channel to refute the accusations.
Keemstar responds to H3H3, loses GFuel sponsor: "You really crossed the line"

UPDATE: H3H3 posted another video, highlighting Keemstar's false accusations.


Original story:

Keemstar has kept to his word and has responded to H3H3's explosive takedown video, with the first, of what is promised to be a two-part refutation, focusing on Ethen Klien's claims that Keemstar is responsible for Desmond "Etika" Daniel Amofah death, a popular YouTuber who appeared on Keemstar's DramaAlert podcast and sadly took his own life in June of 2019.

In the 15 minute video, Keemstar lays out his apparently friendly relationship with Etika, bringing forward evidence from the latter's mother and girlfriend of the time which shows that they lay no blame at the door of Keemstar for Etika's death.

"H3H3 accused me of various things that can be proved wrong, and completely out of context," Keemstar fired off.

"The most damning thing that he accused me of - was killing Ekita, and that's what I want to talk to you about today[...] I want to focus on this because you would have to be the biggest scumbag in the world to try to pin another man's suicide on another person."

Adding later, "I shouldn't be forced to respond to this, Etika's death shouldn't be used as a pawn to beat me in this feud that we have H3H3, you really crossed the line."


keemstar h3h3 refute etika accusations video beef
(Picture: Keemstar)


Keemstar spends the video attempting to rubbish claims that his interview with Etika, and what he deems now as "tasteless" tweets, lead to the death of Etika.

In regards to the tweets, which saw Keemstar making light of Etika's known mental health problems with a reference to him "offing himself", posted when Etika was out of reach and the YouTube community was growing increasingly worried for his whereabouts, statements he now admits were "stupid".



"I said some stuff that was completely stupid and wrong... but I did not kill this man," said Keemstar. "In H3H3's video he showed a lot of these tweets, painting a picture that I didn't care about Etika at all, that I just wanted to use this as a spectacle to get as many views as possible - that was the whole image that he put forward."

He then refutes H3H3's accusation that a tweet that revealed a "mental hospital" that Etika was allegedly receiving treatment was an attempt at doxxing something which he says lacks "context".

To back this up Keemstar brings up tweets that he claims H3H3 didn't show because it didn't "push the narrative", one reads: "I'm really worried about @Etika! If you see this I want you to know. You are an amazing entertainer and thousands are counting on you to be here to entertain them. You have purpose!"



Keemstar also explains why he believes Etika's suicide was so hard to see coming with him claiming that "Etika, the entertainer, was very, very close, to Etika, the guy acting not right."

"They were so close to each other that it was so hard for the fans, and even myself, to figure out... if he was actually losing his mind or this was a publicity stunt."

Keemstar is also at pains to emphasise how he and Etika's relationship, was much different from what was seen by the public.

"I talked to the man on the phone, and he would be completely calm, he would talk about the numbers, the subs, he asked me once about getting verified."

"Once I turned the cameras on he would immediately go into Etika the entertainer," explained Keemstar.


Keemstar etika h3h3
(Picture: Keemstar)


One of the most damning parts of H3H3's Content Nuke video was the repeated showings of a clip showing Keemstar saying, during his now-notorious interview with Etika, "why live? why not just jump off a cliff?"

Keemstar again stresses this clip is taken out of context because at the time the two were talking about simulation theory, the belief that life isn't real and is pre-ordained.

Ethan has subsequently claimed that he didn't imply that Keemstar was responsible for his death.



"You definitely did accuse me, you implied it, you more than implied it," fired back Keemstar going on to claim that Ethan is a "hypocrite" over his treatment of fellow YouTuber fouseytube.

Keemstar said he was in fact "grieving" when he heard the news of Etika's passing and a text message he received from Etika's mother "a few days after" his death in which she says that Keemstar "is not responsible for Etika's passing."

"It was exactly what I needed," says Keemstar, at a time when people were "blaming him" for the death of the popular YouTuber.


Etika mother keemstar h3h3 beef content nuke
(Picture: Keemstar)


Further messages of support came from Etika's girlfriend Christine "Alice Pika" Cardona, which she posted on Twitter after the release of H3H3's video where she says that Etika and Keemstar were "friendly behind the scenes."


Alice etika tweet


Alice subsequently deleted the Tweets after what Keemstar claims that "H3H3 fans started attacking and harassing here", with Alice taking the decision to make her Twitter private.

Keemstar also took fire at H3H3 for going after his sponsors, specifically GFuel, who removed him from their website after the release of the video, though Keemstar claims he "walked away" from the sponsorship.

"You went after my sponsors! If you think the YouTube community are happy with you right now, you gotta be out of your mind. You have ushered in this new era where people that have beefs on each other - go after their sponsors!"

Keemstar promises to refute the other claims in H3H3's video, signing off with a simple message:

"Good luck Ethan, because you are going to f**king need it."


Watch the full Keemstar "H3H3 lies" video