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H3H3 are back to their best with brutal takedown of Keemstar

Ethan Klein from h3h3 posted a lengthy video in which he exposes one of the most infamous Youtube personalities - DramaAlert host Keemstar.
H3H3 are back to their best with brutal takedown of Keemstar

UPDATE: Keemstar has responded to H3H3's explosive video and it is pretty wild.

UPDATE 2: H3H3 posted another video, highlighting Keemstar's false accusations.

Original story: 


About a month ago, Youtuber SomeOrdinaryGamers uploaded a video in which he criticized Ethan Klein(h3h3) for “donation shaming” billionaires on Twitter and H3 Podcast.

Video quickly became highly popular with a few million views in just a couple of days, and Ethan first tried to defend himself on Twitter, but people still didn't believe him and so he decided to make a video response, called Everybody Loves Ethan.

In this video, he explained everything in detail in regards to accusations, and he made really strong arguments for his case. Suddenly, Youtube masses are on his side and even the guy behind SomeOrdinaryGamers acknowledged that he was wrong. He even deleted the original video soon after.

It looked like drama was over, but Keemstar wouldn't be him if he doesn't at least try to spice things up.

h3h3 keemstar drama
Back in 2017, Keemstar was on H3 Podcast (Picture: h3h3)

A short introduction, if you don't know who he is. Daniel "Keemstar" Keem is a man behind "DramaAlert" Youtube channel. Officially, DramaAlert is "dedicated to reporting on news within the YouTube community," but in reality, it mostly feeds on lies, controversy, slander and other topics you would usually find in tabloids.

In a recent DramaAlert episode, Keemstar accused Ethan of lying about his lawsuit expenses, which was one of the points Ethan discussed in his video where he defended himself. Keemstar claims that Ethan misused money h3h3 received from the  PAYDAY 2: h3h3 Character Pack sales.

That DLC pack was designed in collaboration with Starbreeze Studio(Payday 2 developers), and the idea behind it was to help h3h3 with the notorious Matt Hoss lawsuit.

This infuriated Ethan, who already hates Keemstar, and prompted him to create almost an hour-long video in which he exposes everything that's fundamentally wrong with Keemstar.

In this video, Ethan shows:

  • Keemstar feeding on other people's problems and misery. Ethan points out several cases where Keem simply shows zero empathy for people, only caring about the views he will get.
  • Falsely identifying an innocent 62-year-old Twitch streamer as a paedophile and then sending his armies of fans to harass Tony(old streamer) and his family. This made old Tony cry live on stream, and he is still to this day being harassed.
  • Calling people with mental health issues "weak" and blaming them for problems in society, publicly humiliating them and making them suffer.
  • Throwing "friends" under the bus. He famously said that he can't wait to report on TotalBiscuit's death, while TB was battling cancer and died eventually.
  • He "pushed" Youtuber Etika several times while he was having mental breakdowns. Etika killed himself.
  • Keemstar was responsible for "doxxing" several YouTubers and their families. The practice of "doxxing" is when you disclose private information that can endanger people and their families, like home address, phone numbers, Skype and other private things.

These are just some of the key points from the video, and you should definitely watch the whole video if you want more in-detail information and to better understand viciousness in Keemstar's actions and his ulterior motives.

You can see Keemstar's first reaction below, and it looks like this will not be over yet.