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Street Fighter V netcode update divides community

Capcom has released a new netcode update for Street Fighter V for a smoother online experience, but many fans aren’t pleased with the results.
Street Fighter V netcode update divides community

After some server downtime, Street Fighter V is back online with new update 3.02 designed to address issues surrounding the game’s netcode. 

Confirming the update, Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono on Twitter wrote: “A netcode adjustment has been made to the game and is available for all players. 

“We ask that you send your feedback to @SFVServer. Please enjoy and look forward to CPT2020 SFL2020 IntelWorldOpen starting soon.”

While the update aims to improve the online experience across PC and PlayStation 4, the patch breaks compatibility with a previous fan-made netcode for PC players – which many believed fixed issues Capcom had previously failed to address.  

Patch notes have yet to be revealed for the new official netcode update, but it’s already divided the community – with some players now having a better online experience while others believe it has reverted fixes from the fan-made patch.

We’ll update this page when the patch notes become available. 

The disparity between experiences might be down to the different PS4 and PC platforms, although we'll have to see if Capcom will give any clarification on the matter.

The fact Capcom are actively seeking feedback on the update, however, suggests they'll be looking to improve its functionality in the future - so we'll have to see if another update could be in the pipeline to address any teething issues. 

This new update follows the release of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition earlier this month, which acts as the definitive version and features all 40 characters.

If you fancy catching some competitive Street Fighter, a tournament is set to take place this weekend at DreamHack Anaheim