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Capcom removes all mention of Street Fighter pro after he told "revenge" story involving ex-girlfriend

Robinho had secured a spot for Capcom Cup VIII and has now been dropped by his esport org, PATOZ.
Capcom removes all mention of Street Fighter pro after he told "revenge" story involving ex-girlfriend

Update: Capcom has permanently banned Robinho from any competitions owned by the company.

Original story:

Street Fighter pro "Robinho" has been removed from the Capcom Pro Tour website by the organisers after a video surfaced on social media of the Brazilian telling a potentially hurtful story about his ex-girlfriend, whom he allegedly got drunk and compelled to have sex with eight different men while under the influence.

The story broke on 6th January with the clip shared on Twitter by user CruzaderOnline. Providing translation to Robinho's story, Cruz explained that the Brazilian had brought up this story on one of his latest Twitch streams. 

The 2-minute clip sees Robinho describe his ex-girlfriend as a "slut" and a "hardcore skank", with a family member allegedly sharing a video of her in a sexual relationship with someone else, which prompted Robinho's "revenge".

"I picked her up during a weekend and I said: 'She's f*cked up now.' We went out, we got really drunk. I took her to a house and I was like 'Let's do something over there!' And she was like 'sure let's do it.'"

Once in the house, Robinho claims he called "like eight dudes," adding: "Today she's gonna get f**ked up. She got herself all broken. I made a number on her. I did her good, everyone got a turn."

According to him, his ex-girlfriend would complain about the incident the following day. "You're a hoe, girl. I gave you stuff and you'd leave your house to pick two or three dudes to f**k in your house, are you f**king with me?" He responded.

Robinho sfv
Robinho is a veteran Street Fighter player. (Picture: Robinho)

Despite Capcom not directly addressing the situation, Robinho has been completely erased from the Pro Tour website. The pro player won the CPT Brazil 2 qualifier in November, earning himself a spot for Capcom Cup VIII alongside 27 of the best Street Fighter V players in the world.

The results page for the qualifier now leads to a 404 page and all social media posts related to his victory have also been deleted, however, the YouTube VOD for the qualifier is still accessible. 

As a result of this controversy, his esports org, PATOZ Team, has confirmed he will no longer represent them moving forward.

Robinho denies sexual assault allegations

patoz gaming robinho
The community had crowdfunded Robinho's trip to Capcom Cup. (Picture: PATOZ Team)

In an interview with Brazilian website ge, Robinho denied the allegations he made on stream, claiming the story was fabricated by himself.

"That was a story I made up right away, in a jibe. That thing about drinking doesn't even exist. People are (sic) distorting the whole story."

He added that the relationship he talks about occurred when he was 13 and she was 15, and while he did find out about her infidelity via a family member, Robinho categorically denies pushing for her to have sex with eight men. 

"It's a story that doesn't even exist, something I said in the joke, now they're accusing me of something that was said in jest. I'm sad because people are being mean. Wanting to harm me with it, even banning me from the Capcom Cup."

Capcom hasn't officially responded to the situation. They previously issued an 18-month ban to South Korean player Lee "Infiltration" Seon-woo for a domestic violence incident in 2018.

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.