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Chillindude drops Nintendo diss track in support of Smash community

The iconic Melee player and caster took a jab at Nintendo for trying to shut down Smash events left and right.
Chillindude drops Nintendo diss track in support of Smash community

New Smash fans might not know the story of Kashan "Chillindude" Khan, but for old-timers, his legendary diss track 'Respect Your Elders' that came about during his beef with William "Leffen" Hjelte is an iconic piece of Melee history.

Now, six years after his most successful record, which has accumulated almost 2 million views since 2015, Chillindude has shared a new classic in the making with a diss track against Nintendo and their disdain for the Smash community 'Cease and Dissist.'

Chillin's 'Respect Your Elders' track is an iconic piece of Smash history. (Picture: VGBootCamp)

If you've been out of the loop, Nintendo has never seemed like a company interested in supporting competitive scenes around their titles, with a never-ending history of shutting down potential sponsorship opportunities for the Smash community.

However, in recent months, the Japanese company has made sure the Smash community feels an insurmountable amount of pressure amid the COVID-19 pandemic, regularly targetting tournament organisers, forcing them to shut down events left and right, including The Big House, Low Tide City, and more.

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Chillindude remains with Team Liquid to this day. (Picture: Chillindude)

Chillin's track criticises Nintendo for constantly turning their back on such a dedicated scene that many developers wish they had and pokes fun at the fact that the Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl publisher, GameMill, already seems more willing to support their community, recently helping Smash Con build up their NASB prize pool with $10k

In fact, the diss track samples the classic Rugrats opening tune, a perfect fit considering the amount of interest NASB has garnered from Smash pros and fans alike.

If you want to give it a listen, check out the YouTube video embedded down below. 

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Featured image courtesy of Team Liquid.