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Ludwig slams Hax for "rewriting history" with updated Leffen evidence video

Twitch's most subscribed streamer couldn't help but make a joke at Hax's expense.
Ludwig slams Hax for "rewriting history" with updated Leffen evidence video

The history of gaming and esports has had its fair share of beefs. Competitive rivalries that have led to mudslinging and even physical altercations (or at least the threat of them), but none have reached quite the levels of the ongoing drama between Super Smash Bros Melee players, Aziz "Hax$" Al-Yami and William "Leffen" Hjelte, all the more stranger when one is clearly less invested in it than the other, or worse, unaware they are in it at all.

That is certainly the position Leffen finds himself in, accused of being - among many other things - a Hitler-esque personality intent on genocide, having a "dark triad" personality, and attempting to run a dictatorship in the Smash community by silencing his enemies and curtailing a free press.

Leffen hax evidence ludwig
A slide from Hax's original "evidence" video showing Leffen's "charges". (Picture: Hax)

The video was so alarming that Leffen sought legal advice and Beyond The Summit banned Hax from attending Smash Summit 11.

Now while Leffen isn't everyone's favourite Melee player, Hax was definitely reaching his allegations which, in their entirety, encompassed a 2.5-hour video and a 136-page dossier and many felt he may be suffering from mental health issues.

And now it appears even Hax feels he went too far, as he has now deleted his original video and uploaded a "revised" one, of a similar length, but with many of the Hitler and genocidal references removed.

Hax evidence revisedHax's revised video has only some of the rough edges removed.  (Picture: Hax)

The decision to remove the original video was -in Hax's words - to focus on "facts and allegations, and less on an unnecessary narrative."

Why Hax felt the need to include such bizarre comparisons in the first place only he knows, but for someone who was preaching that revisionism and misinformation were polluting the Smash scene, the new video seems rather hypocritical, with Ludwig Aghren calling him out with a bit of banter on social media. 

Following the publication of a revised 2 video, Ludwig, a prominent figure in the FGC scene before becoming more widely known as the most subscribed streamer in Twitch history, responded to Hax's new video by claiming he has become what he tried to bring down, a member of the "press rewriting history."

During the entirety of this "beef", Hax has been referring to Metagame documentary director, Samox as the "press," as the creator decided to re-cut that film and add a special Leffen episode following criticism of the original product streamed back in December. 

Leffen has made no further comment since the initial video and document was uploaded when he said he was seeking legal advice on the matter.