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TSM Leffen "concerned" for safety after Hax$ 'totalitarian regime' video

The beef between the two Smash players is long-running but it has taken a bizarre turn with Hax$ releasing a video that seeks to paint TSM Leffen as a manipulative Hitler-like psychopath.
The Smash community seems to lurch from one potential crisis to another and the latest one is one of the most bizarre yet with Smash pro Aziz "Hax$" Al-Yami releasing a 136-page document and 2.5 hour YouTube video on Friday detailing a bewildering array of allegations at TSM FTX's William "Leffen" Hjelte, accusing him of running a "totalitarian regime" and to acting like Hitler. 

The allegations run the gamut, from wearing certain clothes to send a message Hax$ to accusing him of have a "dark triad mentality" that he uses to disrupt society, the off-the-charts nature of the accusations are almost comical but the potential repercussions of working with or closely to someone who holds them is all too clear to Leffen.TSM Leffen Hax$ evidence 2
One of the 136 pages Hax$ put together detailing his issues with Leffen. (Picture: Hax$)

The Smash pro has responded saying he is "concerned" for his safety at events and is in the process of contacting a lawyer.

Leffen is a popular and controversial figure in the Smash scene, with a known history for toxicity, but very few could seemingly go as far Hax$ has, the list of "charges" summarised at the end of the video span over a four year period and leave HaxS thinking "Leffen is, beyond any reasonable doubt, attempting totalitarianism."

TSM FTX Leffen Hax$
Hax$ summarised his "charges" at the end of the 2 1/2 hour YouTube video. (Picture: YouTube/Hax$)

"This is obvious based on his constant suppression of free speech/freedom of the press, censorship, propaganda, menticidal assaults, surveillance tendencies, scraps with authority, etc.", wrote Hax$.

Hax$ also claims that Leffen:

  • Hi-jacked the #MeToo movement, claiming that when Leffen spoke out against ZeRo, a fellow Smash pro who admitted to having sexual conversations with underage girls on the internet, he was "mobilizing" the community against ZeRo for monetary gain.
  • Hosted a tournament at the same time as Hax$ in an attempt to ruin it.
  • Attempted to get a controller that Hax$ had a hand in developing banned from tournaments.
  • Work a red-striped Adidas jumper in response to the red-stripe Adidas joggers that Hax$ wore at a previous tournament.

A number of prominent members of the FGC/Smash community have come out in support of Leffen and the general feeling is that Hax$ is in need of support.

How to watch Hax$'s Evidence.zip 2

The video is currently still on Hax$'s YouTube channel, though the suspicion is it will soon be removed.