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Smash Melee God PPMD and Evil Geniuses part ways after six years

The two-time Apex winner has been retired from professional play since 2016 but has remained an important figure within the Melee community since.
Smash Melee God PPMD and Evil Geniuses part ways after six years

One of the first esports organizations to invest in the Smash Bros Melee scene in a big way was Evil Geniuses, signing pro-player and one of the 'Five Gods of Melee' Kevin "PPMD" Nanney in May 2014. Now, more than six years of being together, both Nanney and EG have mutually parted ways.


The org posted a heartfelt video in tribute of PP's career, stating that he'll forever "have a spot in our Hall of Champions."

PPMD followed-up with his own YouTube video just minutes after the official announcement by EG. In it, Nanney explained that the partnership showed him that "esports has a positive" side, losing fear that Melee's grassroots essence would live on for years to come.

The Falco and Marth player was one of the main characters in the recently premiered Metagame documentary, which focuses on the 'Five Gods of Melee' and the years of dominance that earned them such a status.

Despite not actively competing since 2016, PPMD remained with EG for the subsequent years, paving the way for other important figures in the Melee community as more esports orgs decided to jump into the scene.

In his relatively short time as a full-time competitor, PPMD shined bright: two Apex wins in 2014 and 2015, 2nd place finish in 2013, 3rd place at Evo 2015 and The Big House 3, and 4th at Evo 2013 are some of his big accomplishments.