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Twitch ban former Smash player Nairo after allegations of sex with minor

Former Smash pro's career turned upside down after accusations of sexual misconduct.
Twitch ban former Smash player Nairo after allegations of sex with minor

On 11th September, Nairoby "Nairo" Quezada, the disgraced Smash Bros player, was banned from Twitch.

Furthermore, he is no longer partnered with Twitch, which makes it highly probable that this ban is permanent and his Twitch streamer career is over.




A former member of NRG Esports, Nairo fell out of favour with the Smash community earlier this summer when fellow Smash Ultimate player CaptainZack accused Nairo of engaging in a sexual relationship with him while the former was underage.

The accusation was one of several that came out of the Smash community in July of this year when a resurgent #MeToo movement swept gaming and esports.

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(Photo: NRG Esports)

In light of the accusations, he was dropped by his organisation, NRG Esports, who he had been representing since 2016.

He was also banned from participating in events held by the major tournament organisers of the FGC.

Now it seems that Twitch has decided they too no longer want to give him a platform, with Twitter account StreamerBans reporting on the 10th September that Nairo's account had been banned and his partner status revoked.

There is no official reason given (Twitch never share that information), but his ban follows others, such as Brad "BlessRNG" Jolly and "SayNoToRage" who were banned from the platform after accusations were leveled against them.

Nairo, most famously known for his Smash 4 and Ultimate tournament placings, burst into the scene with Brawl (released in 2008), becoming one of the top Meta Knight players in the world, maintaining a level of consistency, becoming a Top 10 player across different titles for the subsequent years with a wide array of characters that also included Zero Suit Samus and Palutena.