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Tekken 7 patch targets overpowered Leroy after EVO Japan dominance

Bandai Namco has released the details for the latest Tekken 7 patch, which sees Leroy face a number of changes.
Tekken 7 patch targets overpowered Leroy after EVO Japan dominance

EVO Japan 2020 saw seven of the top eight competitive players use fighter Leroy Smith, raising concerns over how the Tekken World Tour 2020 season will pan out.  

Developer Bandai Namco is trying to rectify the issue however in update 3.20, which sees many changes to the character along with some new features.  

The full general patch notes for version 3.20 are listed below.

Tekken 7 Leroy
Leroy was a dominant fighter at EVO Japan 2020 (Picture: Bandai Namco) 

New feature “MY REPLAY AND TIPS” 

  • In “MY REPLAY AND TIPS”, a player can view replays of their own matches 

  • Suggestions for improvement are displayed along with the replay 

Battle balance adjustment 

  • Adjustments to game balance for certain characters were made. Please see the details from this page.  

Adjustments to frame data information for certain moves were made 

  • Corrected the unintentional display of data in specific circumstances for certain moves 

You can check out this list here for balance changes to characters, which spreads across Leroy, Yoshimitsu, Leo, Shaheen, Josie, Akuma, Geese, Lei, Anna and Ganryu. 

Leroy faces the most changes by a considerable margin, reducing damage across a number of attacks, altering frame advantages, timing issues, and a change in distance after certain attacks.  

Some from within the community have questioned whether Leroy's changes are actually significant though, stating there needs to be more to counter some of his strongest moves. 

Tekken 7 producer Michael Murray recently addressed concerns on Twitter, explaining the update was planned in advance of EVO Japan with more changes in the pipeline.

“Like some ppl have guessed, these patch notes were planned way before EVO Japan and are just the first round of changes,” Michael wrote.  

“More on the way. Honestly a more thorough patch was planned with Fahkumram but Harada_TEKKEN and I are trying to speed it up.” 

This update arrives ahead of the official start of the Tekken World Tour 2020 season, which begins with Tokyo Tekken Masters on 4-5th April.