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Everything You Need To Know About TFT Set 8 Hero Augments

We go over the brand-new mechanic featured in Teamfight Tactics Set 8, Hero Augments.
Everything You Need To Know About TFT Set 8 Hero Augments

As more time passes, the mechanics and features of Teamfight Tactics become deeper and deeper. With every set, there is a brand new feature that will be the main focal point for the set. In TFT Set 8 Monsters Attack, this main feature is the Hero Augments.

We were invited by Riot to participate in a Preview Event for TFT Set 8. There, we gained some information about Hero Augments and even got to test it out ourselves. On this page, we will go over everything you need to know about Hero Augments in TFT Set 8.

How Do Hero Augments In TFT Set 8 Work?

TFT Teamfight Tacticts Set 8 Monsters Attack Hero Augments
Here is what the Hero Augments look like right now in TFT, but be advised it may look different when Set 8 fully launches to the public. (Picture: Riot Games)

When talking about Hero Augments, it is important to understand how augments in TFT work in the first place. Augments are offered on stages 2-1, 3-2, and 4-2 in a TFT game. Augments give your team some sort of power-up to increase your chance of winning and provide you with direction on how to build your team. For example, an augment named Thrill of the Hunt will heal a unit when they land a kill.

Another augment named Star Guardian Heart will add another Star Guardian to your trait counter without fielding a unit. So with the second augment, you will likely want to build around Star Guardian units.

Hero Augments work in the same way, but they focus on a specific unit in the game. There are two different kinds of Hero Augments: there are Carry Hero Augments and Support Hero Augments. Carry Hero Augments are designed to make it, so the featured Hero in the augment is the carry.

For example, Jinx has a carry Hero Augment called "Get Excited!" This carry augment increases her attack speed and movement speed by 100% for 5 seconds when she scores a takedown. Her support Hero Augment is called "Everyone Goes BOOM!" With this support hero augment from Jinx, your team gains 10% attack speed which is tripled after the first enemy dies each combat.

As you can see, both augments feature Jinx, but one of them makes her the main carry while the other supports the entire team. The condition for these Hero Augments, though, is that you must use the featured Hero. So with the examples above, neither augment will work unless you use Jinx in your team composition. This means you will need to play your team around having Jinx on the field and flex around her.

Every unit in TFT Set 8 will have 2 Hero Augments. So there are a lot of possibilities for how each game can play out. Let us say you play 3 Star Guardian games in a row; thanks to Hero augments, each game will look different because they will very unlikely be the same augments offered two games in a row.

How Often Do Hero Augments Appear In TFT Set 8?

TFT Set 8 Teamfight Tactics Hero Augments Monsters Attack
As you can see here, one of the units, Nunu, has a circle around its feet which means that is the unit with the Hero Augment. (Picture Riot Games)

Because of the fact that Hero Augments are shown to be the main mechanic of Set 8 of TFT, these augments appear very often in each game. Hero Augments appear only one time per game of TFT, but they should appear in almost every game that you play.

Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer, the Gameplay Director of TFT in Riot, gave us the breakdown of how often hero augments should appear in each game. He said that the chances of a Hero Augment appearing at stage 2-1 is 30%, at 3-2 is 30%, and at 4-2 is 30%. That leaves a 10% chance that a hero augment does not appear at all in a game of TFT.

Although it is rare, it does happen. One group in the Preview Event said that they had two games in a row that had no hero augments, to which Mortodg said that is a 1 in 100 chance of that happening, and they won the unlucky lottery.

The percentages above are not set in stone. As the team continues to playtest the game, they said that they may shift the percentages of when each Hero Augment will appear in each stage. Mortdog gave the example that in a future patch, it could be a 25%/35%/35%/5% chance of getting a Hero Augment in the future. But that is not set in stone, and these changes will take place as the development team continues to balance the game.

But as you can see, Hero Augments are going to be very important to play around with in Set 8 of TFT. They give you direction in the path you should probably go to make the best out of the featured Hero, but since there are so many Hero Augments, they will keep each game flexible. This is especially true since a Hero Augment can appear at any stage. There are even some games where there are no Hero Augments, so it is important for players to be prepared for anything. Either way, Hero Augments are a fun addition to TFT that breathes new life into the game.

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All featured images are courtesy of Riot Games.