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Teamfight Tactics Roadmap For 2023

With the reveal of set 8 for Teamfight Tactics revealed, Riot has also given us a peek into what 2023 will look like for TFT.
Teamfight Tactics Roadmap For 2023

With Riot finally revealing Set 8 of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) being named Monsters Attack, players have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months. The newest set will be monster and hero themed with a grand return of the Star Guardian trait coming back to TFT.

But this was not the only thing that Riot has revealed for TFT. Riot has also revealed the upcoming roadmap for future sets in TFT for 2023. TFT has a lot to offer in the future, so we are going to take a peek at what that future looks like.

The Roadmap For TFT In 2023

Here is the official roadmap for TFT in 2023 which reveals the sets that are coming next year. (Picture: Riot Games)

As you can see, TFT players have a lot to look forward to in TFT in the upcoming year. First things first are that Set 8 will officially release by the end of the year. The new set is the newly revealed Monsters Attack set.

With this new set, that means a new event will release before spring hits in 2023. The events are a great way to reveal and collect new cosmetics from the TFT team. In spring, Set 8.5 will release for players to enjoy which will breathe new life into TFT.

In Summer, TFT will enter Set 9 which from the looks of it, will be history themed. What exactly that means has yet to be revealed. In the Summer, TFT will be four years old which could mean more bonuses, cosmetics, and more for the game.

Set 9.5 will release in the fall of 2023 which will once again, breathe new life into TFT. And after that, Set 10 will launch before the end of 2023. As you can see, there is a lot of new upcoming content for TFT players to enjoy.  More details on the events and sets will be revealed as time moves forward.

When Can I Play The Newest TFT Sets?

TFT Teamfight Tactics, Bel'Veth
Bel'Veth will be one of the many units available to use in Set 8 of TFT. (Picture: Riot Games)

For now, Set 9 through Set 10 does not exactly have a precise window of when they will launch just yet. We just know what season they are launching in.

But right now, players can fully enjoy Set 8.5 of TFT which is named Glitched Out. There are brand new mechanics that were added to the game and on top of that, there are permanent quality-of-life fixes that are in the game now. So now TFT is even more accessible to players all over the world.