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How To Change Your Appearance In The Thaumaturge

Looking to give Wiktor Szulski a new look in The Thaumaturge? Here's how you can change appearance.
How To Change Your Appearance In The Thaumaturge
Fool's Theory, Alexandra Hobbs

Changing the way you look in The Thaumaturge isn't a huge deal, but you can neaten up protagonist Wiktor Szulski to give him a style more befitting of a top thaumaturge. This involves switching up his hairstyle and beard, or kitting him out with a whole wardrobe of threads.

Below, we'll go over exactly how you can change up Wiktor's appearance in The Thaumaturge. 

How To Customize Wiktor's Appearance In The Thaumaturge

Head to the Barber to change Wiktor's hairstyle and facial hair. (Picture: Fool's Theory, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

There are two ways to change Wiktor's appearance in The Thaumaturge. The first is to change his hairstyle and facial hair. You can do this by visiting a barber, which you'll find in most major towns. In Warsaw, a barber can be found in the cemetery district

Head to the barbershop and speak to the barber there to change your hairstyle and facial hair. You'll enter a screen where you will have a limited choice for both hairstyles and facial hair, but you can mix and match as you'd like. Sadly, you can't change his hair color from a regular brown.

The second way to change Wiktor's appearance is to head to the tailor and purchase some clothes. In Warsaw, the Tailor's Atelier can be found in Northern Srodmiescie, straight ahead from the Szulski Family House. You'll have a Main Quest early on — The Reptilian Bash — that tasks Wiktor with visiting the tailor to commission some evening attire, you can also take a look around his shop and examine objects to draw a Conclusion about the tailor's lack of inspiration.

The tailor will help Wiktor get some new threads. (Picture: Fool's Theory, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

Talk to him again once you've found all the items to trigger a new Side Quest — The Tailor's Dilemmas — to help the tailor regain some inspiration and increase the clothing choices he's able to offer. 

When you have a change of clothes, you can head to any Wardrobe, such as the one found in the Szulski house on the first floor, to alter Wiktor's style at any time.