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How To Get Vesna To Open The Door In The Thaumaturge: Shadows of Sins Past Quest Guide

As part of the Shadows of Sins Past questline in The Thaumaturge, you'll need to speak to Vesna. Trouble is, she's locked herself in her house.
How To Get Vesna To Open The Door In The Thaumaturge: Shadows of Sins Past Quest Guide
Fool's Theory, Alexandra Hobbs

In The Thaumaturge, you'll be using your powers or Perception to uncover the secrets and mysteries that plague the world's inhabitants. Early on in the story, you'll meet a man named Rasputin who, after healing your powers slightly, makes his way to the town's cemetery to pray over the grave of a man who died in a violent fire.

To get to the bottom of the man's death, you'll need to talk to a local woman, Vesna. But she won't make it easy. In fact, she'll lock herself in her house and won't open the door. So, how do you get her to open up? 

How To Talk To Vesna In The Thaumaturge

It might not be immediately obvious how to get Vesna to open her door. (Picture: Fool's Theory, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

After you come back from the cemetary with Rasputin, you'll receive a new objective to complete in the Shadows of Sins Past quest - 'Talk to Vesna'. However, if you spoke to her in the village earlier, she will have retreated into her house and locked the door.

Knock on the door and you'll be asked to leave. No matter how many times you try, you'll be told the same thing. Instead, right click to use your Perception and you'll notice the area by the window and a stool being highlighted. Move over to the stool and "Examine" it. You'll learn the name Luka.

Head around to the back for more spots to examine. (Picture: Fool's Theory, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

After examining the stool, head round to the back of Vesna's house. You'll see two more spots to examine. One is Dish Shards, and the other is a Damaged Axe Shaft that traces to Luka.

After collecting all three, you should be able to draw a conclusion about Luka's relationship with Vesna, some domestic squabbles, and how the two connect to the burned out house. Return to Vesna and you'll learn a little bit more about the situation. 

Here, you'll also be given the choice of how to talk to her. You can try to calm her down if you have the right Heart skills, or you can offer her the damaged doll you found when visiting the burned out house. 

However you choose to approach the situation, you'll learn more about her husband Luka and will now be tasked with finding him.