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How To Complete The Mermaid City's Son: The Thaumaturge Quest Guide

Once you enter Warsaw for the first time in The Thaumaturge, you'll begin The Mermaid City's Son quest. Here's how to complete it.
How To Complete The Mermaid City's Son: The Thaumaturge Quest Guide
Fool's Theory, Alexandra Hobbs

In The Thaumaturge, you'll follow Wiktor Szulski in 20th Century Poland, as he sorts out demons, troubles, and family struggles. All of which starts to build up when he returns to Warsaw in Act 1. 

After arriving in Warsaw with Rasputin, Wiktor must attend his father's funeral, beginning The Mermaid City's Son questline. Below, we'll walk you through completing this lengthy section of Act 1.

The Thaumaturge: The Mermaid City's Son Quest Walkthrough

Get Out Of The Kettling Incident

You'll need to choose how to get yourself, and Wanda, out of the kettling incident. (Picture: Fool's Theory, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

After leaving the Warsaw's train station, Wiktor will walk out into a demonstration, where Russia has appointed a new general to oversee the area. During the speech, Wiktor will meet a woman named Wanda, who senses that things could quickly take a violent turn when nearby protesting workers start raising their voices. Wanda also drops some smuggled ammunition, to which she confesses to Wiktor. She then asks Wiktor to help her "find a way to get out of the kettling incident". 

Choice 1: Turning Wanda In To The Guards

If you investigate Wanda's dropped bullets, found on the ground to her left, you'll have a new option when talking to the guards. You'll be able to turn Wanda in for her part in aiding the rebels. 

As you can imagine, this choice will have a significant effect on Wanda's interactions with Wiktor later on. 

Choice 2: Fight The Guards Alongside The Worker's Leader

Speak to the worker's leader, to the left of Wanda, and offer to fight alongside him. You'll then be thrust into a battle with the sergeant and the corporal. Reinforcements will arrive, including an enemy that has a Trait. To remove the Trait, attack him with Upyr, or reduce his focus down to 0.

After defeating this enemy, a cut scene will play that sees Wiktor end up in a jail cell, along with Wanda. Here, spend some time interacting with everything in your surroundings before sitting on the bench to trigger the next scene. This is the safest outcome. 

Head To The Cemetery

Enter the mausoleum and offer a few words to your recently departed father. (Picture: Fool's Theory, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

Talk to the guard, who will give you your things back and release you. Again, spend some time collecting information from the surrounding interactables. Once you've finished, head outside and look for a Tram Stop to take you to the cemetery.

Make your way through the cemetery, speaking with those you spot along the way, then enter the mausoleum. Here, you'll meet Wiktor's sister, Ligia, who will ask what happened to you. You can tell her you were in the jail, or change the subject.

She'll then leave and wait for you by the cemetary gates. You now have the choice to stay and say a few words at your father's tomb, or leave and head straight to the gates

If you stay, a man will appear after you've said your goodbyes. He says he came to pay his respects, and that he knew your father. Regardless of how you answer him, he will soon depart, and you're free to head back to see Ligia. 

Outside, a reporter from a Warsaw newspaper will begin harrasing Ligia. You can decide to chase her off (which is a Pride response) or ask Ligia if you should intervene. Asking Ligia is the safe choice here, as she will remember that you asked her permission. After the encounter, make your way to the family home.

Go To Your Father's Study

Head up to the first floor and explore to learn a bit more about Wiktor and his family. (Picture: Fool's Theory, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

Once inside the family home, you'll be making your way to your father's study to go over the will with Ligia and a lawyer. Before you do, spend some time looking around the house to examine objects, learn a bit more about your father and Warsaw, all while earning some experience. 

If you head into the kitchen, you can speak to Voronin, your uncle, who will ask you to fetch some Quince Liqueur with Amber from the cellar. The door to the cellar can be found to the right of the kitchen. Use your Perception to locate the alcohol. Pick up the other bottles in order to draw a Conclusion. Return to your uncle and give him the Liqueur.

Once you've finished, head up to the first floor and take a look around. Be sure to pick up the "Serious Photo" next to the bedside table in the room with the wardrobe. Then, head to the room at the back of the first floor to speak to the lawyer.

Listen To Your Father's Will

There's more to uncover about Wiktor and his father. (Picture: Fool's Theory, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

The lawyer will begin reading out the will, which you can hurry along or leave him to read in full. You'll quickly discover that Wiktor has been left with pretty much nothing. You'll then be able to choose to leave and wait in the kitchen (a Pride response), or wait until the end of the ceremony. 

If you choose to stay, you'll discover that Wiktor has actually been left with something — a Black Grimoire. The problem is, Wiktor's father didn't actually leave the Grimoir with the lawyer, so where is it? Well, that's where the story leads you next.

And with that, The Mermaid City's Son quest is complete. There are only a few choices in this quest that will have an effect on the story's outcome, but you'll have plenty of chances to boost up your XP and level up your skills.