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Should You Help The Old Lady In The Station In The Thaumaturge?

There's an old lady with some heavy bags in Vienna Station, asking for some help from Wiktor.
Should You Help The Old Lady In The Station In The Thaumaturge?
Fool's Theory, Alexandra Hobbs

There are plenty of quests to complete in The Thaumaturge, some that won't pay off until much later. How you approach them, and who you choose to help, can have a drastic effect on the story. One quest you might stumble upon early on involves an old lady standing with some heavy bags in Warsaw's Vienna Station.

Approach the old lady and she'll ask Wiktor for some help in carrying the bags down to the train platform. But, not long after, two shady men approach accusing the woman of smuggling "loot" to which she denies and appeals to Wiktor once more. You're then given a choice of who to side with.

Should You Stand Up For The Old Lady In The Thaumaturge?

Be prepared to fight the shady men in defence of your "Grandma." (Picture: Fool's Theory, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

The first choice you're given when helping the Old Lady is the following:

  1. Stand up for the old lady
  2. Back off

We recommend choosing Option 1. When you choose to stand up for her, Wiktor will pretend to be her grandson and will help her with her bags. Be warned that doing so will initiate a fight with the two men, both of which carry swords. Be prepared to combat Bleeding damage

Once you've defeated the men, the old lady will thank you and ask again if you can help her take her bags to the train. You'll then be given another dialogue choice:

  1. Take her bags to the train car
  2. Ask what's in the bags

If you choose to take her bags, Wiktor will do just that. Choosing the second option reveals that the bags contain a "family heirloom." Wiktor will then take her bags to the train.

Regardless of which choice you make, the Wiktor will take the bags to the train and the quest will finish for now. 

That's all for helping the old lady. Be sure to check out our other guides, such as how to complete the Tailor's Dilemmas or how to cure Suffering.