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Availability Of This Quest Is Limited — What Does It Mean In The Thaumaturge?

Some quests in The Thaumaturge have a stopwatch icon and notice attached to them — "Availability of this quest is limited." So what does this mean?
Availability Of This Quest Is Limited — What Does It Mean In The Thaumaturge?

There are plenty of quests to hunt down and complete in The Thaumaturge, but some of these will only be available for a limited portion of the story. When looking at your list of available and completed quests, you might spot a small stopwatch icon next to some of the side quest titles. 

This icon will also be accompanied by a notice in the quest description, which reads, "Availability of this quest is limited." The notice is a bit vague, so we're here to explain exactly what this means for the quests and how long you'll have to complete them.

What Does Availability Of This Quest Is Limited Mean In The Thaumaturge?

Some quests can only be completed during a limited time. (Picture: Fool's Theory)

The stopwatch icon and the note "Availability of this quest is limited" in The Thaumaturge means that a particular quest has a time limit. There will be a limited amount of time available for players to complete this quest, which can quickly run out if players spend too much time doing other things. You might also be unable to complete certain side quests if you progress through the main story too quickly.

If too much time passes without completing the quest, it will fail and you'll be unable to finish the quest. 

Time of day has a significance in The Thaumaturge. Certain quests only become available during the day or at night, and you may only be able to complete them at set times. Coupled with the fact that some of these quests are limited means you'll need to pay attention to how you spend your time in-game. 

How To Change Time of Day In The Thaumaturge

You'll unlock the ability to change the time of day early on during Act 1. Dotted around the map are benches where you can sit, rest, and choose to wait for a set amount of time: until morning, until noon, or until night.

The time of day will also change automatically when doing certain activities, such as checking out points of interest or engaging in fights. 

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